World News | Pak reaches ‘under the table’ deal with Taliban over Durand Line dispute


Islamabad [Pakistan], January 8 (ANI): The Pakistani army seeks to extend its territory along the Durand line as far as Afghanistan and this is being done discreetly, with the knowledge of the Taliban. Pak’s “under the table” proposal is very likely to build an additional “safe zone” inside the Afghan border to ensure effective border surveillance.

This new method of border fencing has been communicated to the Taliban administration, Islam Khabar reported.

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Things got out of hand during the last week of December when border forces from both countries fired at each other after the Taliban hampered border fence work. The shooting lasted more than half an hour before the situation was brought under control. Later there were rumors of brief clashes.

Rawalpindi’s generals were alarmed by the fighting on the border and demanded an immediate meeting with Taliban officials. During these discussions, the secret deal was made. The border barrier work would be continued by consensus, according to the official statement.

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On January 5, 2022, a spokeswoman for the Pakistani military said the remaining 6% of the border fence works would proceed as planned, Islam Khabar reported.

Previously, the Bab-e-Dosti (Friendship Gate) at the Chaman border on the Durand Line was about 1 km in Pakistan before the Taliban took control of Kabul in 1996. However, during the mandate by the Taliban, it was extended to a length of about 1.5 kilometers inside Afghanistan.

It is therefore not the first time that discreet negotiations have been conducted by the two neighboring countries.

Despite protests from the Afghan authorities, Pakistan entered portions of Qala Luqman and Qala Jahangir in 2017. During Ashraf Ghani’s administration, there were numerous border clashes between the two military forces over this dispute.

Pakistan has urged the new administration to stop opposing the project after the Taliban took Kabul with its support in August. When the Taliban administration refused to support Pakistan, it exerted pressure on the Afghan Taliban in various ways, including through key government partners, Islam Khabar reported.

When a Taliban spokesperson opposed the border fence, Pakistan retaliated with a debilitating blockade at the Chaman border post.

Notably, Chaman is the second busiest border crossing point, with thousands of trucks and personnel passing by each day. For the cash-strapped Taliban administration, passage is a vital source of money.

Pakistan sent a strong message to the Taliban regime with border obstacles in Torkham and the withdrawal of Pakistan International Airlines flights from Kabul.

The complex tribal dynamics are also a problem for Pakistan to come to a conclusion on the Durand Line dispute, as the tribes who live along the border have a greater interest in keeping the border unfenced and unguarded by the Pakistan. (ANI)

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