Why It’s Good The Matrix 5 Will Probably Never Happen

It seems unlikely that a Matrix 5 movie will ever happen, but that’s not really such a bad thing. As for films released in the 1990s, The matrix is undoubtedly in the upper echelon, a classic enjoyed by most audiences. As a franchise, however, The matrixThe reputation of is far from excellent. The blinding light of quality that is the Wachowskis’ early success sometimes obscures that fact, but overall the Matrix the brand was far from intact long before The Matrix Resurrections was released in theaters.

Unsurprisingly, the resounding success of the original Matrix film led to two sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The matrix revolutions, none of which ever approached the acclaim of the original. Apart from these two films, the Enter the Matrix video game spin-off and hit or miss animated anthology The facilitator, the Matrix the franchise had been dormant on the big and small screens for almost 20 years before Resurrections came out of. The only chew meat audiences were in-universe comics and two video game tie-ins, Matrix: Neo’s Path and The online matrix, and neither was a great success.


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Before The Matrix Resurrections was announced, most had accepted the idea that there would never be another Matrix movie. Now many of those who enjoyed Resurrections hope to see a Matrix 5, but the colossal box office failure of Resurrections makes this nearly impossible. It might make some fans sad, but in the end, a Matrix 5 not happening is for the best.

Why Matrix 5 is unlikely to happen

Matrix Resurrections box office failure neo trinity morpheus Matrix 5

As mentioned, there is a major reason why The Matrix 5 will probably never happen, and that’s The Matrix Resurrections completely failed at the box office. The Matrix Resurrections had a reported budget of $190 million, and that’s just for production, with the marketing costs also likely being quite high. So far, the sequel from solo writer/director Lana Wachowski has only grossed $140 million worldwide after nearly a month of release. It should be noted that it also released simultaneously on HBO Max. Always, The Matrix Resurrections not having restored its budget to date is a financial disaster and probably means that Warner Bros. will suffer a huge loss, amounting to at least tens of millions of dollars.

Even aside from the poor box office, however, Lana Wachowski and main star Keanu Reeves had expressed in interviews even before the release that there were no current plans to continue the franchise with a Matrix 5. To be fair, both also insisted for years that a Matrix 4 would not happen, so had The Matrix Resurrections become a hit, it is speculated that their tune may have changed on a Matrix 5 also. With The Matrix Resurrections‘ Considered box office flop, however, there’s no real reason for Wachowski or Reeves to switch stances from leaving the Matrix franchise in hibernation. While Warner Bros. could legally make a Matrix 5 without a Wachowski at the helm, it seems unlikely they would, and they certainly wouldn’t do one without Reeves, who would likely refuse to return without Wachowski.

Resurrections sets up Matrix 5, but would it work?

Matrix 4 end

In line with their refusal that a Matrix 5 was in the planning stages, writer/director Lana Wachowski and Keanu Reeves played down the idea that The Matrix Resurrections used to edit a follow-up film. Yet, with all due respect, their assessment is not accurate. The Matrix Resurrections clearly leaves the door open for the story to continue, with Neo and Trinity now sharing The One’s powers, and both setting out to remake the Matrix into a better place for those stuck in it. It also looks like Neo and Trinity plan to continue releasing those humans willing to take the red pill as well.

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While this all sounds great in theory, in practice these events are best left to the imagination. After all, Neo and Trinity turn out to be so powerful at the end of The Matrix Resurrections this Architect replacing The Analyst seems powerless to stop them. Although The Analyst has bosses he answers to, he appears to be the strongest program found in the Matrix, but Neo and Trinity can now slap him for fun. It doesn’t create much core conflict, and watching Neo and Trinity easily destroy machine forces for two hours would get old. One could try to fix this by disabling Neo and Trinity a bit, but that would only undermine everything they went through in The Matrix Resurrections.

Why It’s Better The Matrix 5 Never Happens

While those who devote themselves supremely to Matrix the franchise will probably never be convinced that more movies could be a bad thing, ultimately a Matrix 5 is an idea that is better not to realize. In addition to the potential plot conflict issues discussed previously, making a Matrix 5 would open other Pandora’s boxes. For one thing, even if one or both of the Wachowski sisters, Reeves, and Carrie-Anne Moss could be convinced to embark on another film, Reeves’ extremely busy schedule would likely prevent production from happening for several years. This delay may cause Matrix 5 find themselves in a circle of development hell for a time, as interest among the parties involved waxes and wanes. It’s safe to say that no one would want to wait another decade or two to get a sequel to Matrix Resurrections if there should be one.

Apart from that, there is the fact that The Matrix Resurrections is actually a pretty good place to leave the franchise, from a purely narrative standpoint. Neo and Trinity are no longer dead, having sadly sacrificed their lives for The matrix revolutions. Not only that, but they are reunited and both imbued with divine powers in the virtual world of The Matrix. Neo and Trinity are about to remake Matrix, and without Matrix 5 In the making, fans can rest easy knowing that their favorite couple spends their days painting the skies with rainbows and showing imprisoned humans what a free spirit can do. Trying to continue the story with another movie would risk ruining that happy ending.

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