Why didn’t Matrix Resurrections purge Smith?

Matrix Resurrections has purged many rogue programs from its digital reality. Here’s why such a dangerous program as Smith lived to fight another day.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Matrix Resurrections, now in theaters and streaming on HBO Max.

As Matrix resurrections resurrects Neo and Trinity despite their heroic sacrifices at the end of Matrix revolutions, the film also brings back the evil Smith. Once the most powerful agent in the Matrix, upholding the will of the Machines and stalking every active freedom fighter in the digital world, Smith eventually became a thug before threatening both humanity and the Machines. While Neo and the Machines were apparently able to destroy Smith, although at the cost of Neo’s life, the unbalanced program returns in Resurrections and is quite close to Neo. Here’s why machines would risk dragging such an uncontrollable program back into the restarted array.

In Resurrections‘The Matrix rebooted, Neo is back to his civilian identity as Thomas Anderson, now a successful video game designer who has created a trilogy of hugely successful games, ignoring the truth behind his inspiration and past. Thomas works with Smith, a business partner who monitors his activities and tacitly forces him to create a new episode of the Matrix video game series. As new freedom fighter Bugs and a digital projection of Morpheus help Thomas rediscover his memories, Smith does too, recalling his past life as an exiled program and his long-standing feud with Neo, then becoming a fiercely thug again. However, with the Machines revealing that they purged most of the Exiles when they restarted the Matrix, it calls into question why Smith was allowed to survive.

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Agent Smith is now a game developer helping Neo in The Matrix Resurrections

The motivation for resuscitating Smith is tied to Neo’s own resurrection; the two have been intrinsically linked since they first fought in the original Matrix movie. In The Matrix Reloaded, Smith revealed to Neo that he no longer worked with the other Agents, as Neo’s destruction of one of his forms in the previous film made him realize himself. Linked to Neo due to the shared experience, Smith has become a virus that can take hold of other programs and users within Matrix and replicate itself. Matrix revolutions develops this, with the Oracle revealing that Smith did indeed become the negative inversion of Neo, a result of the Matrix’s numerical equation attempting to balance in reaction to the immense power Neo now wields, surpassing their initial programming. .

Just as the Analyst, The Machines Running the Rebooted Matrix program assumes that the resurrected Neo and Trinity need to be held together to generate more power for the machines in the real world, Smith is also needed to keep the Neo equation balanced. and in good working order. To that end, Smith is revived with Neo, but reprogrammed with a new physical appearance and a new set of memories to prevent him or Neo from remembering who they are while keeping an eye on Neo to ensure he stays on task. that the analyst has prepared for him.

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Matrix resurrections - Smith

Ultimately, while Smith’s resuscitation was required on some level to properly resuscitate Neo and Trinity, the Analyst’s plan to reprogram and control Smith dramatically backfires. Although Smith clearly has no lost love for Neo, he views the analyst as a common enemy, chasing the control program for Matrix resurrections‘final battle before reigniting Neo. And while Neo triumphs over Smith again, the program is probably still on, ready to be the wild card it always has been and to continue his vendetta against Neo in the twisted way possible.

The Matrix Resurrections is open in theaters and currently available to stream on HBO Max.

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