What’s the worst part about self-checkout at a grocery store?

We all know the frustration of starting the self-checkout process…only for something to go wrong. Whether the machine starts beeping or scans an item inaccurately, autopay comes with its share of errors, but which one is the most frustrating? Just under 34% of those who responded to the Tasting Table survey cited constant errors as the worst part of self-checkout lanes.

Respondents to the tasting table survey aren’t the only ones to draw this conclusion. Self-checkout is widely seen as boring, with CNN claiming that “nobody likes self-checkout”. Self-checkout places the burden on the customer and often results in long wait times while grocery store staff resolve technical errors. According to CNN, a survey found that out of 1,000 shoppers, 67% experienced a failure in the self-checkout aisle.

And the downsides don’t end there. Following errors, self-packing groceries and weighing related products as self-service hassles. Both annoyances garnered 21.43% of the vote, with 126 people responding to each. Similarly, almost 15% of respondents perceive the lack of human interaction of self-checkouts as a major drawback. Although self-service is pandemic-friendly – ​​and therefore potentially positive – 88 Tasting Table readers actually cited the independent nature of self-service checkout as a shortcoming.

Ranking at the bottom of Tasting Table’s self-checkout grievances confounded checkout processes, which garnered 8.33% of the vote. We fully understand how frustrating it can be to scan and pack your groceries like a champ and then hit a roadblock on the checkout screen.

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