What is Don Brooks’ Matrix Method workout that can help you get in shape?

Don Brooks is a famous trainer, nutritionist, and creator of the “Matrix Method” workout that helps you get in shape.

Whether he’s working with Kanye West or the Kardashians, Brooks is a leader in his field. He has always been passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping his clients achieve their best self.

This simple set of four quarters is different from other strength training or cardio routines. This is because it challenges your body and lends itself to further refinement as you improve.

Don Brooks’ Matrix Method workout is designed to melt fat and sculpt lean muscle. For those who want to get in shape but don’t have enough time to devote to a full cardio workout, the Don Brooks Matrix Method is an ideal way to reduce fat while doing cardiovascular exercise.

What is training with the matrix method?

The Don-A-Matrix technique was developed by Don Brooke to make specific training look like a sporting event.

His workout is divided into four quarters, just like a regular basketball or football game, except each quarter consists of three sets of two different drills with a break or rest period in between. The technique produces benefits by pushing the body’s cardiovascular and muscular endurance systems to work harder while burning fat.

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Participants can rehydrate during the break, which is important to maintain performance throughout the activity. He prefers a natural, low-calorie sports drink called BODYARMOR LYTE between trimesters because it’s full of vitamins, electrolytes and coconut water and contains no artificial ingredients.

Don-A-Matrix Method Workout Routine

You will feel the same burn with the DONAMATRIX METHOD at home as in the gym. You don’t need any equipment, but if you have a resistance band you can use it. Don Brook uses this method with The DONAMATRIX WORKOUT with his celebrity clients and in his studio.

The DONAMATRIX METHOD, which uses your whole body, has a format similar to a sports game with four quarters and three sets of two exercises each.

At the end of each trimester, you get a break to hydrate. The 45-minute DONAMATRIX METHOD workout burns body fat, builds lean muscle, and leaves you drenched in sweat. It combines aerobic and strength training routines.

Here are three examples of unique Matrix Method exercises that focus on the core, lower, and upper body:

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• Side Squats: Begin in a squat position with one foot on the floor and the other on a Bosu ball. Jump and change feet 20 times.

• Jump Switch Lunge – Start with one foot on the Bosu ball in lunge position. Jump in the air and land on the right foot 20 times.

• Push-ups: Start in a plank posture with your hands on the flat side of the Bosu ball and your curved side down. In a push-up position, squat lower while keeping your chest away from the bosu.


Don Brooks’ overall fitness philosophy is “right mind, ready body”. It’s very simple: know what is most important; become disciplined in performing your physical activities (eg, eating) and your time management (eg, sleeping). You will be ready to reach any level.

While a one-size-fits-all workout plan may not help everyone, Brook’s Matrix Method may be something worth looking into if you’re struggling to come up with a fitness plan or routine. that suits you.

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