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What does MarTech bring to brands?

In a first digital world, marketing takes on a new form and integrates with technology. MarTech has been a growing topic of discussion and a staple for marketers to better understand customers and provide a better experience.

Diving deeper into the world of MarTech, marketers first need an answer as to what exactly this brings to businesses and brands.

As MiQ CEO Siddharth Dabhade says, MarTech helps with segmentation, targeting and positioning. “This enables your data to be first party and you can also enrich the data with third parties to have a good understanding of consumers and their media preferences,” he adds.

Dabhade further mentions that MarTech can also be used to better target consumers, which involves precision, customization and scale.

Karan Lakhwani, Business Development Manager (India) at AppTweak, highlights the additional benefits of MarTech and says: “Marketers can focus on high-level work rather than administrative tasks, which improves productivity and results. results. They can better understand their customers through data and engagement and make the right decisions based on the data.

Co-founder and COO of Niswey, Abhinav Sahai points out that at its core, MarTech is about using technology solutions to market smarter. “So you use integrated platforms and systems to examine customer data holistically, from the first point of contact to the last, assess your processes, automate efficiency and streamline data for a more satisfying customer experience,” adds he does.

And finally, mFilterIt co-founder Dhiraj Gupta shares the STEP framework for MarTech, which stands for brand safety, transparency, efficiency and performance.

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