Were the Matrix Resurrections Necessary?

When The Matrix was first released, audiences were shocked at how revolutionary the film’s concept was. It was many people’s first real experience with the philosophy and concept of existentialism and it is for this reason that the film remains etched in the minds of so many people even today. Technology is always advancing; it’s something we all know. It can be seen in some of the world’s oldest industries and hobbies, gaming being a prime example. It used to be that roulette (invented in the 17th century) had to be played in person but now, roulette with live dealer is available for those looking for a semi-real experience at home. Inn 2022 is a very popular way to play, but The Matrix series explores what happens when technology goes too far and, in doing so, taps into the fears that many of us may have.

Those familiar with the Hollywood psyche will know that it’s obsessed with reboots, remakes, and every other kind of re. The reason is clear: making films that continue with already established brands is very likely to attract audiences compared to new films, which always carry the risk of not performing well. The same thing happened with The Matrix, and 18 years after the release of the trilogy movie, another hit theaters. It was met with much disappointment by fans and critics alike, but to understand why this film was so poorly received, it’s important to look back at what made the first film so good.

The Matrix is ​​a cult classic today, and for good reason. It changed the science fiction genre in a way that hasn’t really been remade even today. It’s because the ideas he introduced at the time were so new, so thought-provoking, that audiences couldn’t help but be encapsulated by the film. On top of that, the action and fight choreography was great as it was also an action movie. Children who saw Neo use Kung Fu to fight back in the day no doubt played out the same sequences at home long after the movie was released. The special effects were also groundbreaking as “bullet time” had never been seen before in film.

When this is compared to the last installment of the franchise, it’s easy to see why the public was disappointed. While The Matrix Resurrections picks up where the last film left off, it does nothing to add to the story other than expand it to hide what is obviously a cash grab by the studio. Neo and Trinity, the main characters don’t change much and seeing how their character arcs were completed in the last movie, that makes their inclusion in The Matrix Resurrections unnecessary. The basic concept of The Matrix is ​​unchanged, and the film does not introduce any radical new ideas like the first film did. The same can be said for special effects and action choreography.

There is a clear problem with Hollywood and re/made/started movies. This affects fans the most, as these studios are dusting off their favorite series to make the situation worse. While it’s possible to be successful in making these types of movies, there’s no doubt that most people want to see new movies instead.

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