Turnip and Thyme Sheffield Restaurant Review: Our struggle to find a table was worth it – Phoebe Fuller

It was a balmy autumn Friday night when I arrived – trendy late (at least I tell myself) – for a morning meal with friends, at Turnip and Thyme in Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.

This meal was long overdue as my friend had wanted to try the food here for a while but had long struggled to find a table.

As it happened, the best we could be offered that particular Friday night was a 5:45 p.m. slot – on the promise that we would be released at 7:45 p.m.

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It was a bit early for my liking, but I was grateful that the restaurant rushed us and the lady who took care of my reservation, via email, was very friendly and accommodating.

My partner and our friends were already there when I arrived, and my guide son, Robin, was already busy charming the other diners and the restaurant staff with his newly become one kindness.

Knowing that we only had a few hours to sample the menu, the four of us – Robin taking advantage of his mother’s offer of chips to keep her busy – we set to decide what we would have.

It was decided to give up starters in favor of main courses and desserts. However, if we had also chosen the starters, I wouldn’t have said no to the carrot and dill arancini – which are served with orange and ginger humous and basil oil. .

As two vegetarians in the group, myself and my friend Lauren, opted for the wild mushroom rissotto which was served with a “crisp” of parmesan, watercress and a poached egg.

I really enjoyed the rissotto, which was rich in flavor and a bit oily in texture, which I appreciate.

The fresh watercress paired well with the dish and provided a bit of a respite from the heavy carbs, just like the egg. The crisp Parmesan was an interesting twist, although I found its flavor a bit overwhelming – I’ve never been a big fan of Parmesan, so this one is for me.

Mushroom rissotto with macaroni and cheese

Maybe stupidly I couldn’t resist ordering a mac and cheese side, which was more the same (carbs in sauce) so I had to be taken home in a box for my lunch the next day. .

It had been served with a topping of toasted breadcrumbs and the flavor of the dish was really nice, although I can’t comment on how much that was helped by it staying in my fridge for an extra day!

My partner ordered the pork belly, which was served with mashed apples and tarragon, ham fondant, cider juice and buttered greens with thyme.

It certainly looked the part and I’m sure it was very tasty, as was the lamb rump – served with candied garlic pesto, broad beans, roasted shallots, sautéed potatoes. and madeira sauce – which our friend Jonathan ordered.

Lamb served with all the garnishes
Lamb served with all the garnishes

We also ordered a serving of onion rings and fries, which were shared around the table – the onion rings were huge, so if you’re a fan you won’t be disappointed!

The presentation of all the dishes was there, with good portions not too big but more than enough, so no risk of going home hungry.

As a bonus, little Robin was treated to two slices of thick bread and a fluffy poached egg – completely free – so he didn’t miss the dining experience.

A table full of delicious food
A table full of delicious food

Something sweet

When it was time to taste the puddings, I opted for the apple and blackberry crumble, served with white chocolate and cinnamon cream.

I would describe the crumble as rustic, served in a shallow dish with a good portion of fruit compote and a loose, crispy filling that looked like it had been sprinkled on top – it was different from the heavy, baked crumble that I expected, it was very good.

The shining star, however, was the white chocolate and subtly sweet cinnamon cream – so greedy that I would put it forward, if ever the option was presented to me.

The divine chocolate crumble and cinnamon custard
The divine chocolate crumble and cinnamon custard

My partner opted for Bailey’s panna cotta – which he said was “okay” – and Lauren had the chocolate orange fondant.

I tasted the fondant, gooey in the middle as needed, and it was deliciously rich, with a spicy orange flavor that complimented the chocolate nicely.

By the time we had all finished our meals it was past 7:45 pm and a member of staff apologized to us that they were now asking for the table for another group.

Orange chocolate fondant served with ice cream
Orange chocolate fondant served with ice cream

Fortunately, the meal did not seem rushed and we had the peaceful opportunity to empty our plates and empty our glasses before being shown on our way.

The total bill – for four main courses, four puddings, three sides and five alcoholic drinks – was £ 121.50 – so you’re looking at just over £ 30 each.

However, if you only have a drink and two courses, you will find that you can easily enjoy a hearty meal for around £ 27 at Turnip and Thyme.

The restaurant itself had a very relaxed vibe, with pleasant decor and warm lighting, so very well set up for an informal meal with friends.

The staff were friendly, attentive, and went the extra mile to make sure everyone was happy – making sure that even a one year old in a high chair was treated like a valued customer.

We all left very full and very happy, I think we will definitely be going back … if we can get another table.

Have you ever tried turnip and thyme? Let us know in the comments!

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