Thermo Fisher and Matrix Offer Decentralized Clinical Trial Solution

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s PPD Clinical Research Business and Matrix Clinical Trials, a division of Matrix Medical Network, have entered into an Partnership deliver clinical trials to patients with a new decentralized clinical trials (DCT) solution.

By deploying Matrix mobile research sites and trained clinical staff across the United States, the company will help identify, recruit and retain trial subjects while ensuring a positive participant experience.

At the same time, the parties are studying ways to extend the partnership to other geographical areas.

Thermo Fisher’s Clinical Research Division is the only Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that operates Matrix’s Virtual Network of Principal Investigators along with mobile sites as a stand-alone transportable clinical trial operation.

The partnership demonstrates Thermo Fisher’s continued commitment to advancing decentralized testing solutions for customers and patients.

Tim Rich, Vice President of Digital and Decentralized Solutions for Clinical Research, Thermo Fisher, said, “Mobile sites are a key part of our sought-after portfolio of hybrid and decentralized clinical trial capabilities.

“With Matrix’s experienced teams of clinicians and ready-to-deploy mobile sites, we are able to reach a wider range of participants, including in previously underrepresented and underserved communities, without forcing them to travel to traditional investigation sites far from their homes.”

The clinical research business offers adaptable decentralized testing solutions developed in a variety of treatment areas.

The goal is to increase topic diversity and access and improve the patient experience, resulting in time savings and data quality improvements that can help speed up turnaround times. development.

These services reduce the burden on patients to participate in trials while providing improved geographic reach to customers using less reliance on physical sites, rapid access to data, improved quality and consistency, and better patient engagement.

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