The Wachowskis’ pitch for The Matrix was unlike anything the producers had seen before

According Chevron, Lilly and Lana Wachowski were raised in Chicago by a nursing mother and a businessman father, who encouraged their children to explore art. As children, the Wachowskis devoured the films of Alfred Hitchcock and Francis Ford Coppola, which imbued their young minds with the endless possibilities of cinema. When “Bladerunner” was released in 1982, the siblings watched it repeatedly, finding inspiration for their own writing in its dystopian tale.

In their youth, the Wachowskis wrote comics, screenplays, and role-playing games, honing methods of collaboration that would pay off years later. In 1992, the siblings wrote “Carnivore,” a screenplay about a soup kitchen that feeds the rich for the poor, and sent it to Lawrence Mattis, an agent in New York. The agent knew the film was far too risky to make, but he was so impressed with the script that he signed the siblings anyway.

The Wachowskis’ next screenplay, “Assassins,” sold for a million dollars, but was completely rewritten before hitting the big screen. lana called the finished product, “our abortion,” so it’s safe to say the siblings weren’t fans of the rewrite. While working on their directorial debut, “Bound,” studio executives struggled to figure out the Wachowskis’ third screenplay, “The Matrix.”

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