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Jhe original Matrix trilogy culminated with Keanu Reeves’ Neo sacrificing himself to save both human and mechanical civilizations from the nefarious Smith (Hugo Weaving), after the latter threatened to bring down the two warring sides. It always felt like a bit of an escape to me, especially since it’s heavily hinted that our hero will be back at some point in the far future. Now he is, and in the first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, it appears that when The Matrix was rebooted at the end of 2003’s third intervening installment, the Neo we once knew also seemed to have been erased from the game. ‘existence.

In his place is a bearded, incredibly well-aged fifty-something who looks a bit like John Wick, or maybe that brooding weirdo from The Gift. He meets Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity in a cafe, but fails to recognize her despite all their adventures down the digital rabbit hole. He is later seen training in what appears to be a dojo with the unnamed character Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who appears to fill Morpheus’ role as the Matrix’s martial arts mentor and guide. Is Abdul-Mateen playing a younger version of the leader of the human resistance, and if so, couldn’t they just have aged him digitally, given that the entire film is likely set in Adobe After Effects anyway?

The Matrix Resurrections trailer reunites Neo and Trinity after 18 years – video

The teaser asks other questions. Why does Neo take blue pills as medicine? Does this signal the new Neo’s willingness to succumb to the virtual world that keeps him blissfully unaware of the horrific reality? And if so, what happens? Didn’t the pesky machines promise to free all humans from the Matrix?

Maybe our new robot companions failed to find an alternate power source and reneged on the deal? Maybe Smith isn’t dead after all (Jonathan Groff’s unnamed character certainly looks sinister). The great thing about the Matrix movies is that all of the usual rules of moviemaking continuity can be easily set aside. Reality can be moved and reconfigured at every opportunity for the sake of entertainment. It’s like the bit in Doctor Who where one Time Lord’s face changes into another. For all we know, Reeves could play the Mad Hatter and Moss a giant potted plant that just appears to be a human.

It’s both intriguing and, frankly, terrifying. Lana Wachowski – directing solo this time – could have easily dragged us along just to see how often she can tell slightly different versions of the same story before anyone notices. Or there could be a truly fascinating reason why Neo and Trinity are back and ready to kick the machine’s ass again. We won’t know for sure until just before Christmas, when the movie hits theaters.

Are you ready to take the red pill and return to wonderland to the sound of a hard-hitting techno beat? Hey, at least 20 years later, we’ve all grown up, and everyone in the movies (not to mention the screen in the underground sweat pits that are sure to pop up) is probably going to be double-jabbed.

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