The Matrix: 10 Anime Characters Who Look Like Trinity

The matrix The film franchise is a landmark in the world of sci-fi cinema and the cyberpunk genre in particular, telling the thrilling story of Neo as the One who will one day save all mankind from the machine lords. . At first, Neo needed allies to help him realize the truth and fight back, and his two best friends and allies are Morpheus and Trinity.

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Trinity, played by actress Carrie-Anne Moss, is a tough and skilled action heroine who has helped Neo immensely in the battle against the agents, the twins and other enemies in the world. Matrix movies, and Japanese anime fans might compare her to similar characters they’ve seen before. Many popular anime characters echo Trinity, whether in personality, fighting style, or role in the story.

ten Motoko Kusanagi is a cyberpunk heroine (Ghost In The Shell)

Motoko, Ghost in the Shell

Major Motoko Kusanagi bears many striking similarities to Trinity, and that might not be a coincidence. After all, the Wachowskis were directly inspired by ghost in the shell manga/anime franchise and borrowed a handful of key ideas from it. Of course, some ghost in the shell the characters would fit perfectly into Matrix.

Major Motoko Kusanagi is a powerful and reliable cyberpunk hero who is not afraid of firefights and, like Trinity, she is a key ally for the heroes in the face of the terrifying cyberpunk threats of tomorrow. She also wears a cool leather jacket and has a tough but fair attitude, just like Trinity.

9 Asuna Yuuki is a digital heroine (Sword Art Online)

Asuna uses her sword skill

Asuna Yuuki is Kirito’s friend and lover, and although she has a warmer and fuzzier personality than Trinity, the two characters can still be compared. Both are action stars who dove headfirst into realistic digital worlds to save the day, and neither Neo nor Kirito could succeed without them.

Asuna is dependable, brave, and kind like Trinity, and she has absolute confidence in herself and her ally, Kirito the Dark Swordsman. Later, Trinity and Neo kissed as lovers, and Asuna did the same with Kirito. They even had their own home in the world of Aincrad for a time.

8 Nobara Kugisaki has Yuji’s back (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu Kaisenalthough it is a fantasy anime series inspired by Bleachhas some passing similarities with The matrix. This series features an ordinary man who quickly becomes a great action hero who is thrown into a scary world where monsters are around every corner, and luckily Yuji Itadori, the protagonist, has his own Trinity for him. to help.

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Trinity helped Neo get used to fighting in the Matrix world, and likewise, Nobara Kugisaki, the witch, was one of Yuji’s earliest allies, and she’s a reliable and tough teammate who will always save the day. bet. Curses, which are like Jujutsu Kaisen‘s Agents, don’t stand a chance against her.

7 Katara helped Aang realize his destiny (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

katara airbender

Despite being a colorful fantasy animated story, Avatar: The Last Airbender looks a lot like The matrix. Both stories feature a great hero who has woken up early to face his fate and save the world from a great threat. Neo took on the Machines and Smith, while Aang took on Fire Lord Ozai.

Aang couldn’t do it alone. Right away, he had the young Waterbender Katara to support him and help him get used to this new world 100 years in the future. She might as well have said “Wake up, Aang…” on a computer screen, like Morpheus did to Neo.

6 Touka Kirishima guided Ken into the world of ghouls (Tokyo Ghoul)

Tokyo Ghoul's Touka Kirishima at work

In some ways, Touka Kirishima the rogue ghoul can be compared to Morpheus, as she helped train seinen hero Ken Kaneki in the ways of ghoul combat. After this point, Touka began to look more like Trinity, being a reliable and powerful ally for the male lead.

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Neo and Ken are blessed with allies like Touka and Trinity, who are not only great fighters but also loyal friends and, later, passionate lovers, even if they were a bit cold and distant at first. In fact, Ken and Touka later had a daughter together.

5 Uryu Ishida is a gendered trinity (Bleach)

bleach uryu ishida

Ichigo Kurosaki is like an isekai protagonist, having traveled from Karakura Town to exotic spiritual realms such as Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, and he’s brought friends along for the ride. Orihime and Chad are his two best friends, but there is also Uryu Ishida the archer Quincy.

Like Trinity, Uryu was a bit distant and cold at first, but he quickly grew closer to Ichigo as a friend when they entered the “Matrix” of Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. He and Trinity are serious and reliable teammates who risk their lives to support the hero.

4 Ochaco Uraraka is a cuddly trinity (My Hero Academia)

ochaco mha

Personality-wise, the cheerful Ochaco Uraraka is quite different from the leather-clad, gun-wielding kuudere Trinity, but they have similar roles in their respective stories. Like Trinity, Ochaco is the male protagonist’s good friend and reliable teammate, and she helped him enter a whole new world.

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Izuku and Ochaco always support each other, and even though Ochaco is humble enough to know that Izuku is the future savior of the world, she won’t stay in his shadow forever. Ochaco is working hard to become an amazing heroine in her own right, and she’s progressing well.

3 Mikasa Ackerman is loyal to Eren (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman smiling (Attack on Titan)

The attack of the Titansthe plot of resembles that of The matrix surprisingly, both stories are about a hero who lived in a world of artificial peace and normality until reality hit. The falling walls were Eren’s version of breaking free from the Matrix and seeing the Machines with his own eyes.

Neo and Eren need reliable friends by their side, and while Neo has Trinity, Eren has his childhood friend Mikasa Ackerman. For years, Mikasa has been Eren’s best teammate and defender, and this deadly kuudere would risk anything for her friend’s sake.

2 Erza Scarlet is Trinity with a sword (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail Erza in battle

Unlike Trinity, the mighty witch Erza Scarlet lives in a fantasy world and greatly prefers swords to guns, but the two heroines have similar personalities and are both major supporting characters in their respective stories. They also each have a lover, but they tend to keep that private.

Erza is a very reliable teammate for Lucy and Natsu, and she’s not afraid to take on the world’s most powerful wizards for them. She believes in the power of friendship, and deep down, so does Trinity.

1 Lieutenant Hinawa has deadly aim (Fire Force)

Hinawa points a gun at someone

Lieutenant Hinawa is a cold, stern, and deadly character, and when she’s not with Neo, Trinity is like that too. Both characters have sworn to protect humanity from a certain fate, but they see no need to act sentimental about it. They let their guns do the talking.

Hinawa loves weapons as much as Trinity does, and he can use his second-generation igniter ability to guide his bullets and hit targets from unexpected angles in combat. Even an agent would have a hard time dodging that.

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