Star rating, NDIS style registration model on table for aged care reform

The Federal Department of Health released a framework document for the new elderly care regulations as part of the consultation process.

The 26-page document, available onlineoffers a number of measures such as tailored tracking, excellence incentives, star ratings and a registration model similar to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

“A proportional to risk approach can be taken with a registration model. This typically involves registering providers who provide care and services, with different application requirements and ongoing obligations attached to different service categories.

“The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a current example of regulation based on a registration model that registers providers in proportion to the risk inherent in the supports and services offered, and the size of the provider,” says the newspaper.

It also details issues with the current system, including current minimum standards, which only operate on a pass/fail basis. According to the Department of Health, the document aims to inform the discussion on future changes in care for the elderly.

“This new framework will inform a new Aged Care Act and support aged care reforms such as the new Home Support Scheme.

“The release of the concept paper is the first step in the public consultation process to design the new framework with stakeholders,” says the government.

The consultation process begins this year; interested parties can Register online.

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