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The ad hoc Senate committee presented its report on the problems identified in the model villages of the Integrated Development Program (IDP) on Tuesday afternoon to the plenary session of the Senate for deliberation.

According to a communication from Parliament, the report will also include issues in other settlement sites where the government is relocating various people in order to address homelessness issues and improve their living conditions.

The majority of beneficiaries were former residents of high-risk areas.

The ad hoc committee began a two-week tour of 63 integrated model villages across the country on Monday, January 10, 2022, to investigate the challenges faced by communal housing residents and find solutions.

Such an investigation concluded on Friday 21 January.

The six-person committee, led by Senator Rose Mureshyankwano, was tasked with visiting at least two model villages in every district in the country and interviewing district leaders.

It was established by the plenary session of the Senate on December 1, following a [preliminary] report presented by Senator Mureshyankwano to the Upper House of Parliament which cited the challenges faced by residents of model villages.

This report was carried out in model villages in the districts of Nyabihu, Rubavu, Rutsiro and Musanze.

Among the main problems highlighted in the report were the lack of proper biogas systems (some biogas plants were not functioning), poor maintenance of infrastructure, lack of water and electricity, and malnutrition.

Due to the lack of functioning biogas systems, some people in these villages have resorted to charcoal or firewood for cooking, but their kitchens have been built inside the houses, which damages these houses and affects negatively the life of the inhabitants.

The report also showed that due to poverty and bad mentality, some people in these model villages sold their houses and the cows given to them and returned in deplorable conditions.

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