Sarri: ‘Lazio don’t look at the standings after Monza win’

Maurizio Sarri was very pleased with the mental energy Lazio showed in their 1-0 win over Monza.

The Biancocelesti were on a high heading into the clash against Raffaele Palladino’s side, having secured a spirited win over Roma in the Derby della Capitale at the weekend. While Lazio looked tired, they performed well at the Stadio Olimpico and did enough to secure all three points thanks to a winner from Luka Romero.

Speaking at a press conference (via LazioNews24), Sarri first reacted to Lazio’s win over Monza.

Mentally, it was the most difficult match, we were coming out of the derby and the risk of a lack of energy was very high. The first half hour we suffered, then little by little we got out of it and we won.

Ranking doesn’t matter now, we don’t look at it. It gives us hope to have won a match that we wouldn’t have won last year.

He talked about the decision to bring in Ciro Immobile and what he said to the team at halftime.

Immobile was distracted, he didn’t realize we only had one substitution left and I’m not playing for anyone with 20 minutes to go. You have to wait for a part of the game where you are not likely to be 10 years old.

At the tactical level, I told my players that we were still in the middle between third and fifth, we were missing a few meters.

From another point of view, I told them that it was a game where you have to be humble because Monza are dribbling and at times you have to stay there and defend. The call was for the application.

The 63-year-old Italian coach spoke about Luka Romero’s first goal for the club and his growth since his promotion to the first team.

Romero also took to the field at the age of 16, last year he made some chunks. I don’t talk about him much because he’s progressing well but it’s a moment in his career where the less talked about the better.

He doesn’t need to feel like a player for a goal, but he has the right mind and I think he can chart the right path.

He gave his opinion on Lazio’s potential.

The potential must be expressed. Lazio have it but haven’t expressed it yet. We’re a step below the teams I’ve coached before, but we have the potential to grow.

Finally, Sarri was eyeing Lazio’s last game before the World Cup break against Juventus.

For now, I only think it’s an important game, to think that it could already be decisive is an exaggeration.

The league table is now tight, with 23 games, everything is still to be determined unless Napoli continue like this and then only the Champions League fight would remain open.

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