Restoran Matrix, an innovative addition to Zagreb’s food scene

October 22, 2021 – A new addition to Zagreb’s culinary scene officially opened last week. Meet Restoran Matrix, a premium addition to the futuristic Matrix Office Park.

Since the first building opened in 2019, I’ve been slightly obsessed with Matrix Office Park, which I used to pass along on my weekly commutes through central Zagreb from Varazdin. In a city that isn’t famous for the finest office building architecture, this place looked more than cool.

And as I was driving over time I saw the Matrix grow, then a second building opened up. But I never seemed to have the time or the reason to check it out in person until last summer when I was invited to attend a CroAI conference. It kind of seemed fitting that such a forward-looking development also had great content for the future.


It was a great conference, but I marveled at how incompetent Croatian officials could seem when sitting next to world-class technology leaders. You can learn how in What Happens When Israel, Sweden, and Croatia Compare AI Strategy Ratings?

I was really impressed with the layout and facilities at Matrix, and when I learned a few months ago that a coworking space had opened there, I was tempted to take a look. eye, with one exception.

There was no food at The Matrix. It was essentially an office building that closed after office hours.

Everything has changed recently.


And a rather creative team has come up with a restaurant concept that is perhaps unique in Zagreb. A restaurant that meets the culinary needs of office workers by day with good (and very affordable) daily menus.

And then a little fine cuisine à la carte in the evening. And with no neighbors within earshot, an ideal place to organize an event with live music.


A friend invited me over to lunch to check it out. Coming from Manchester, I grew up with concrete servings on a maximum of three servings, but I admit that I found the seemingly endless number of dishes at this lunch to be quite appealing. And certainly not combinations I had had before.

Beet pasta with goat cheese mousse for example.


And I had never had kimchi in a restaurant in all my time in Croatia – a great combination with a breaded tuna tartare with lemon thyme mayonnaise.

The culinary artist behind the lunch was Marko Jantolek, a promising 26-year-old chef from Zagreb. After the Michelin-starred cuisine Xmas Zagreb’s famous restaurant and bistro Pod zidom, he decided to cook new ideas and new dishes right here at Matrix.


The restaurant is run by the famous and experienced Croatian caterer and sommelier Manuela Maras, who specializes in wines and everything related to them. That is why she has ensured that the new Zagreb restaurant offers a rich wine list of more than a hundred labels from the best Croats, but also from a dozen of the world’s great winemakers.


A great lunch, and it wasn’t long before I returned, for the official opening night, when some of the best known names in the Croatian food scene made up a big part of the guest list.


There was a lot of creativity in the welcome cocktails.


And the delicious canape platters were a taste of what was to come.


Live music throughout the evening was provided by the excellent Marija Mirkovic, ex-Frajle.

A small sample of his live sound below.

And the kimchi was back, this time paired with Adriatic bluefin tuna and wrapped in black noodles.


It’s a combination that delighted famous Croatian food blogger Ribafish, who recently wrote his own review of the evening.


Beautiful combinations of colors, superbly presented. Matrix is ​​proud to work with small local businesses, delivering excellent quality.

What we offer in The Matrix is ​​above all an experience. In the kitchen you will find only daily fresh ingredients from selected Croatian family farms and an excellent team of chefs who prepare them in a modern and unusual way, ”Said the young chef Marko, adding that he is greatly encouraged by the diners who thank him personally for the dish and come back regularly.


The creativity of Chef Mario and the experience of Manuela Maras in front of the house seems to be an exciting combination.


But the whole story began with a computer scientist, also an excellent communicator and owner of several restaurants, including the famous Savica Eatery, Mario Stipanovic, and an excellent communicator, and also a computer scientist, who dabbled in catering during the first time, Kresimir Macan.

Macan took a few minutes from the evening’s festivities to introduce the restaurant to TCN readers in this opening night video presentation.

The Matrix restaurant is located in the Matrix Office Park of the same name, near the intersection of Slavonska avenue with Heinzelova and Radnicka streets. More information on the official website, and you can also follow Restoran Matrix on Facebook.

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