Request a mini-loan without a payslip

Suppose you have no work for a while and you still want to apply for a loan … is this possible? Yes certainly you can request a mini loan without a payslip. You receive a benefit and you want to borrow money that is possible with the mini loan. It is also the only option to borrow money if you have no work unless you borrow money from family, friends or acquaintances. That is why the mini loan is also called “Borrowing without hassle”.

Apply for a mini-loan without a payslip

If you are temporarily out of work, you can use a little more financial room. And just in this period you can borrow almost anywhere. The lenders expect you to have a fixed income. And this is of course logical. Because the amounts that you can borrow with the mini loan are relatively low, applying for a mini loan is possible without a job. You must realize that the term of a mini-loan is quite short, so you will have to pay back the borrowed money fairly quickly. You can borrow a maximum of 1000 euros and the duration will be 45 days. You must therefore pay back the 1000 euros with additional costs after a month and a half.

Borrow money without work

Borrow money without work

Borrowing money without work is therefore a possibility if you really need money. It can happen to anyone that you want to quickly pay that unpaid invoice or a device is defective in the house for which you need money quickly, to replace it or have it repaired. In that case, applying for a mini loan is the solution. With this option you can borrow money in a fairly cheap way. You can apply for a mini loan without a payslip, but if you have a negative BKR code, it is also possible to request a mini loan. In terms of rules, the mini loan is the easiest loan form there is. The application is fast and you have the required money in your account quickly. In the most favorable case, you will have it in your account within 10 minutes.

You should keep in mind that borrowing money always costs money.