Paddy Pimblett Says Conor McGregor Was “In The Matrix” Against Eddie Alvarez

Conor McGregor’s run through the UFC’s featherweight division is arguably one of the greatest title runs in the promotion’s history. Not only did he witness the man’s meteoric rise to become the most famous combat sports athlete on the planet, he saw it end Jose’s nearly decade-long invincibility. Aldo in 13 seconds.

However, McGregor is not done shocking the world. After winning the featherweight and lightweight belts in Cage Warriors, the Irishman turned a blind eye to repeating the same feat in the UFC. McGregor had a shot at winning the lightweight title from Eddie Alvarez in the UFC’s premier event at the historic Madison Square Garden arena, and he made it count.

Conor McGregor put on an absolute masterclass at UFC 205 which is widely regarded as his best performance ever. The Dubliner methodically took down the American and knocked him out just over three minutes into the second round. On episode 42 of his podcast Chattin ponyUFC fan-favorite lightweight Paddy Pimblett recalled the historic performance when speaking to Steve-O:

“It was like 12 seconds max [McGregor vs. Aldo]…and then the other, I think his other performance, though, in the title fight is even better, against Alvarez. That performance was even better, man… when he became champion-champion, that performance was on point, it was like he was in The Matrix…”

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Chael Sonnen thinks ‘Conor McGregor’s championship race is over’

The Irishman suffered a horrific leg injury at UFC 264 and has put on quite a bit of muscle during his rehabilitation. In an interview with mac lifeMcGregor teased the idea of ​​competing against then-welterweight champion Kamaru Usman for the 170-pound title.

However, former UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen believes McGregor’s winning days are behind him. ‘The Bad Guy’ said on an episode of Beyond the fight that the former two-division champion will no longer taste UFC gold and may be unaware of his situation.

“Conor McGregor’s championship race is over. It’s true, it’s wicked. Conor didn’t come to tell you, because he’s not aware of it.”

That said, Sonnen noted that while he might not win another belt, Conor McGregor is still the sport’s biggest draw and will continue to make history:

“Conor MGregor’s championship run is over, but his record isn’t, his live gate isn’t, McGregor’s pay-per-view, those things aren’t done. His time in the spotlight and his time as a main event is not over. ”

Watch the video below:

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