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“Take the red pill! “

Echoing the rallying call of MatrixHeads everywhere, the Oldenburg International Film Festival pays an ironic tribute to the Wachowski sci-fi classic with the trailer for the 28th Oldenburg Film Festival, which begins Wednesday.

Germany’s biggest independent film festival called on German actor Hardy Daniel Krueger, star of this year’s opening night film, Uppercut, to don his Morpheus, channeling the iconic character of Laurence Fishburne in the Matrix films. Dressed all in black and seated in a red leather chair in a dark, candlelit room, Krueger recites Morpheus’ lines from the film.

“Something has been shot at your eyes to blind you to the truth. But what is the truth? He growls in gritty English with a German accent. “You must be feeling a bit like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole… do you think that’s real?” What is real? “

At the highest point of the trailer, Krueger and his chair appear to be floating in the air. The camera follows them, past the walls of the room, which we now see to be a movie set, to reveal the square in the medieval town of Oldenburg.

“This town, Oldenburg, only exists as part of a neuro-interactive simulation that we call the Oltrix,” Krueger intones. “No one can know what the Oltrix is, you have to see it for yourself.”

Finally, Krueger gives audiences the same choice that Morpheus gives to Neo, the character played by Keanu Reeves in the Matrix movie theater. “Take the blue pill and the story ends,” he says. “Take the red pill and you are in Wonderland. And I’ll show you how far the rabbit hole goes.

Cut to the title card: Oldenburg Film Festival. From September 15 to 19. Take the red pill.

The Matrix The trailer is well positioned to coincide with the upcoming release of Lana Wachowski’s fourth Matrix movie, Matrix resurrections, which was shot at Studio Babelsberg in Germany and hits theaters in December.

You can check out the Oldenburg Film Festival trailer here.

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