NEWSPORT DAILY-‘Cards’ on the table; Too many bikers killed

Queensland Police said Newssport this analysis of the causal factors of motorcyclist accidents from January 1 to March 29, 2021 showed:

  • Almost all (91%) runners were male
  • Half of the deaths (50%) occurred from Friday evening to Sunday
  • The motorcyclist was at fault in almost three quarters (73%) of the accidents
  • Of the drivers at fault, 93% of crashes involved excessive speed for the conditions.

Police say motorcyclists of all ages should be encouraged to do these simple things to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident:

  • Driving on conditions
  • Wear adequate protection
  • Drive safely
  • Know your bike and ride according to your level
  • Make sure your bike is road worthy and well maintained
  • Avoid the five fatal factors such as speeding, drink-driving, fatigue and distractions which can also contribute to the severity of accidents
  • It is also extremely important to ride in such a way that you and your motorcycle can be seen by other road users.

Vehicle drivers should always pay attention to the road and consider the following points when sharing the road with other motorists, including motorcyclists:

  • Always scan traffic for motorcycles, especially when changing lanes
  • Use your lights in poor visibility to help motorcyclists see you
  • Check your blind spots for passengers
  • Give riders plenty of space and leave at least a two second gap

Ultimately, we all have a responsibility to help make our roads safer in 2022 and prevent this number from continuing to rise.

For biker maps, this is all just common sense. “There is never a moment when I go for a ride without there being some incident with a motorist. They just don’t see you half the time so it must be a two way street and for other bikers I ask the question, why are you in such a rush to die? »

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