New study reveals safest way to wash raw chicken

The study, titled “Chickensplash! Exploring health issues from washing raw chicken,” identifies a number of factors in the dangerous spread of bacteria during the washing process, including faucet height and water pressure. water…especially during the first few moments when the faucet is first turned on (via Science News). But as the American Council on Science and Health notes, it is the distance between the faucet and the raw chicken being washed, more than any other factor, that determines the degree of splashing and therefore has the greatest potential for spread. of harmful bacteria.

The study explains that consumers should be aware of two other factors: the intensity of the water flow and the surface texture of the washed chicken, because indentations such as dimples or divots in the meat increase the risk of splatter.

As a result of these findings, it is suggested that anyone determined to wash raw chicken hold it near the faucet and turn on the water slowly to avoid a large impact. Also, be sure to follow USDA guidelines for properly sanitizing your sink and all surrounding surfaces after washing raw poultry.

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