Matrix Resurrections risks making Neo’s revolutions meaningless


Whether Matrix Resurrections is a direct sequel or something stranger, Return of the Machines proves that Neo’s original trilogy truce ended badly.

No one is quite sure exactly How? ‘Or’ What Matrix resurrections connects to the Wachowski’s existing film trilogy, but one thing’s for sure – Neo’s Machine’s truce didn’t end well. In the last moments of 2003 Matrix revolutions, Smith’s awesome power threatens both Zion and his own creators. Only Keanu Reeves’ Neo can stop the Rogue Agent, but he needs the help of the Machine to do so. Bravely venturing into Machine City, The One strikes a deal – he destroys Smith; the war against Zion ends. The architect says his end of the bargain will be held, but remains deeply skeptical nonetheless … and Matrix resurrections could just prove he was right.


Until the finished product falls, it is impossible to say precisely what Matrix resurrections is. From a certain point of view, this is a straightforward sequel that takes place around 20 years after the original trilogy. Of another, Matrix resurrections is a semi-remake, taking again the rhythms of the original film (the training of Morpheus, the white rabbit, Trinity sitting by the phone, etc.). Knowing Lana Wachowski, the forthcoming fourth installment might even be a meta-extravaganza where the last 3 films were the brainchild of a frog.

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However, one truth seems certain: Neo’s truce has failed dramatically. Because Matrix resurrections is a mostly conventional (ish) suite, the architect must have been right; Humans and Machines have waged war again, with the Steelworkers inevitably emerging victorious and rebuilding their Matrix Empire better than ever. Trailers of huge batteries of men in the real world offer another grim sign of how meaningless Neo’s sacrifice could have been.

Neo’s truce would also be considered a dud if Matrix resurrections contains elements of a restart. Keanu Reeves may have saved the world once, but with the Matrix clearly restored, The One must once again free humanity, making his previous attempt rather useless in hindsight. It is also true if Matrix resurrections deploys the formidable “film in a film” or “Matrix in a matrix” gimmick. In these cases, Neo’s sacrifice didn’t save humanity after all – just some humanity, which is a little less impressive. In virtually every possible scenario, the truce Neo struck between Man and Machine in the Epic Matrix revolutions finish is likely to appear considerably smaller thanks to Matrix resurrections.

There might be a way Matrix resurrections can protect the sanctity and significance of Neo’s sacrifice – time travel. Because Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays a young Morpheus while Neo and Trinity are both slightly older, it is possible Matrix resurrections will jump around the franchise timeline, dating back to before the start of the trilogy. This could mean that Neo’s actions in 2021 set up his 1999-2003 journey, adding context and meaning to his possible truce with the Machines, and in fact improvement the original ending.

The overriding question before Matrix resurrections is whether a fourth film will undermine Neo’s death and the Machine Accord that followed. With Keanu Reeves’ Neo somehow alive, Agents rebooted, the Active Matrix, and the machines flourishing, it’s almost as if Matrix revolutions never happened. For anyone who didn’t like the Wachowski Sisters’ suites, that’s not a bad thing; for everyone else, erasing the meaning of Neo’s sacrifice ruins an end that hasn’t been touched for nearly 20 years. Lana Wachowski’s most delicate task is to continue Neo’s story in a way that respects his supreme heroic moment. Either that or do Matrix resurrections meta so confusing, it doesn’t even matter.

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  • Matrix resurrections (2021)Release Date: December 22, 2021

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