Market Xcel Data Matrix wins the Hackathon organized by the company MRSI

Market Xcel Data Matrix, a major disruptor in the market research industry, added another feather to its hats by winning laurels at the Hackathon hosted by MRSI for the very first time at its 29th annual seminar , powered by Datamatics and POC by HUL. Unilever.

Being a pioneering name in the industry, Market Xcel has proven its mettle time and time again by carving out a niche for itself in every area it has delved into. Having served over 700 combined domestic and inbound clients, he continues to reap the benefits of past professional collaborations. for present and future efforts.

The secret of its famous success lies in its exemplary team which embodies the conviction to tailor the results of studies only to what the client seeks to offer a personalized solution for each client.

The recent victory in the Hackathon hosted by MRSI is the result of Market Xcel’s long-standing affinity with the retail industry, accompanied by its in-depth research and analysis of various aspects.

The proposed solution which was a joint effort of Market Xcel and Lucid represented – Team Reboot Theory – to opt for the triangulation technique – (B2B2C) will prove instrumental in bridging the gap between technology and last mile consumer sales. general commerce while keeping the process achievable, coherent and efficient which will be a step forward in making the retail sector as a whole slightly more accessible to innovative solutions and innovative approaches and thus reduce the complexity of its ecosystem. And there will pin Market Xcel on the national map by opening the doors to more national and global projects.

The presented solution has been prepared keeping in mind the various challenges that the retail industry offers due to its large and complex ecosystems, and its ever-changing nature accompanied by low penetration of IMS. digital, gray sales and unavailability of invoices, unsorted display, reluctance, and resistance of retailers to dig into their sales details, mapping the database to the barcode that poses still an obstacle to this day.

Market Xcel had designed two solution routes to address the problem, one was to design an application-based solution focused on capturing over-the-counter sales of FMCG products through a scanner-based point of sale via the creation of a barcode universe, panel configuration, data collection via the application, analysis of collected data and reporting on the dashboard as well as maintaining a trace of inventory and SKU stocks . The data collected through the app has been authenticated through ML and AI and the data has been protected against leaks or tampering. The app-based itinerary has provided retailers with benefits to ensure continued participation and support from loyal attendees.

The other way envisioned was a market application solution that aimed to bridge the gaps in the marketplace that existed between buyers and suppliers in order to facilitate business in general commerce as well.

Due to Market Xcel’s strong hold in the retail industry and its previous work in the field which spawned the M-bill app, a unique company that serves an unfair advantage in their favor to disrupt sector and streamline it to make it better for everyone.

Market Xcel is one of those places that believes in educating young talent and buddies and tapping into their true potential to turn them into majestic fruit-bearing trees that can brave storms and embrace the success of their unwarranted labor. . The brand continues to have a Midas touch to transform and touch lives and its unconventional approach to any obstacle exemplifies the same.

Market Xcel believes he is a phoenix that rises from the ashes every time to emerge more majestic than ever.

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