Leaked cameo clip of Fortnite creative director Donald Mustard in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

Fortnite has consistently been on the border of collaborations, bringing influencers to the island. The Matrix Resurrections is the final and fourth film in the long-running series, with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss returning to their iconic roles as Neo and Trinity.

As with every influential movie release, the developers made the Fortnite x Matrix crossover a reality in Chapter 3 Season 1. Users can get items like the Sentinel Glider as freebies during Fortnite’s WinterFest event, while that other items like the Trinity’s Kick emote can be purchased. using V-bucks.

But that’s not all. As a bonus, Fortnite boss Donald Mustard makes a small appearance in The Matrix Resurrections. A recently found clip from the film reveals the creative director sharing the screen with Neo.

Fortnite boss Donald Mustard has a brief role in the new Matrix movie

Fortnite has always been successful in attracting real-life personalities, brands, and characters to the island, but it’s rare to see anyone from the island jumping into the real world. However, fans spotted Donald Mustard in the latest Matrix movie through keen eyes.

A recent tweet from prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX shows the brief interaction between Donald Mustard and Keanu Reeves (Neo). Readers can check out the tweet below.

As seen in the short video, Donald Mustard can be seen talking to Neo about some sort of issue with the recent software update. This little cameo is an amazing Easter egg for movie buffs and Easter egg hunters.

The mustard cameo in The Matrix Resurrections can probably be attributed to his friendship with Lana Wachowski. But that can’t be the only reason. Over the years, Mustard has created great relationships with different people through his studio and Fortnite.

This isn’t the first time Donald Mustard has shown off his acting skills. Fortnite boss appeared in Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Episode IX).

Fans can now watch the fourth installment of the Matrix series either in theaters or streaming on HBO Max.

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