Lake Michigan: risk of swimming this afternoon

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – Big waves hit the shores of Lake Michigan again on Tuesday. This resulted in the publication of beach hazard statements for the following counties: Allegan, Van Buren and Ottawa.

Flow from the north is expected to reach 15 to 25 mph this afternoon. These gusty winds will cause the waves to crash to a height of three to five feet, resulting in increasingly dangerous swimming conditions as we move into the early hours of the evening.

The most at-risk locations will be south of Grand Haven to St. Joseph.

Most drownings in the Great Lakes occur when the waves are 3 to 6 feet high. To help prevent drowning, here are some safety tips:

If you ever find yourself quickly straying from shore, you’re probably in a rip current. Be sure to follow the “flip, float and follow” procedure. It’s important to keep in mind that reverse currents will not drag you down if you stay relaxed. So be sure to keep these tips in mind when diving in the water.

Best practice is to stay completely out of the water on Tuesday afternoon. Big waves have been seen crashing into the piers, making it increasingly important to avoid them as well.

Stay safe and stay alert!

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