Keanu Reeves shows up in Toronto for The Matrix Resurrections premiere

It was a star-studded affair Thursday night for the Canadian premiere of The Matrix Resurrections in downtown Toronto, with the film’s star Keanu Reeves (or should we say Chuck Spadina) in attendance to kick off the fourth installment of the action. mind-blowing. /sci-fi franchise.

The Scotiabank Theater was the site of the Canadian premiere of The Matrix Resurrections. Photo taken by Jack Landau.

Crowds gathered around the block for the exclusive event, clamoring for the chance to be among the first to see the much-hyped return of The Matrix franchise.

Keanu Reeves in Toronto

Crowds lined the block for the Canadian premiere of The Matrix Resurrections. Photo taken by Jack Landau.

Cineplex’s Scotiabank Theater has been transformed with the green “digital rain” made famous by the franchise, projected onto just about every conceivable exterior and interior surface of the multiplex. This neat little thematic addition was made using high definition projection mapping.

Keanu Reeves in Toronto

The theater was illuminated by the franchise’s signature “digital rain.” Photo taken by Jack Landau.

Even just riding the theater’s iconic (and problematic) escalators was a journey, like going from a polished simulated reality to a digital world defined by cascading lines of code.

Keanu Reeves in Toronto

The “digital rain” effect was reflected in the interior spaces of the theatre. Photo taken by Jack Landau.

Shortly before screenings, fans of the franchise had the even rarer opportunity to be in the presence of movie royalty and see Keanu Reeves walk the theater’s “black carpet.”

Many entrants have earned a place at the premiere through contests and passes, including the lucky winners of a blogTO contest.

The spectators gathered for a simultaneous projection on the 14 screens of the theater. While there were no upcoming attractions, some attendees were treated to a surprise in-person appearance by Keanu Reeves himself.

Even theaters where Keanu didn’t appear personally still received special treatment in the form of a cheerful (if not a bit forced and awkward) pre-recorded greeting from Keanu Reeves and his Canadian co-star/actress Carrie -Anne Moss.

Keanu Reeves in Toronto

Inside one of the 14 rooms while waiting for the start of the show. Photo taken by Jack Landau.

The themed decorations, long lines and general excitement gave off a true Hollywood atmosphere for those lucky enough to attend the premiere, although for everyone else the film will arrive in theaters on December 22.

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