Keanu Reeves Says ‘It’s Ridiculous’ There’s No New Matrix Game

If you remember the release of the two Matrix sequels – The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions – they were joined by the tie-in game “Enter the Matrix”. It was a bunch of shit, so if you haven’t played it, don’t worry, go play Max Payne and Max Payne 2 instead. There was also The Matrix Online (MxO) which came out in 2005, as a not so successful MMORPG.

Anyway, during a recent interview between The Verge and Matrix Resurrections, stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, Neo and Trinity were asked about their thoughts on why there isn’t. new Matrix game. You can jump into the interview, with the Matrix game part starting at 11:06 in the video.

There was a leak of the experiment on the PlayStation server, and it brought a lot of attention to this happening Matrix experiment that you (Keanu and Carrie-Anne) were in. And “I was looking at the Reddit thread where it was posted, and everyone was like, ‘I want a Matrix video game, I want a modern reimagining of Matrix video games.’

Keanu responded by saying, “It’s ridiculous that there aren’t any“.

The Verge asked him directly: “Would you do one if they came to you and said “we want”…” to which Keanu said: “I mean, aren’t there smart people running these companies… aren’t they supposed to be like…as he watches Carrie-Anne (as she laughs and he smiles).

We all know what he means, we all know it.

The Verge responds: “The fans really want it, right?

YES. I’m a fan, and YES, I do.

They cut Keanu and he’s beaming with a smile, to which The Verge asks, “so if they came up to you and they said, ‘we’re going to do The Matrix“…Keanu interrupts him to answer and says, “I mean, Warner Bros. is like, ‘Where’s the ball?‘”

Keanu goes for the jugular…saying “oh, you mean the ball you dropped 15 years ago… oh…“.

You see, even Keanu knows that WB screwed up so much by making a Matrix game…they had it on their hands, a massively successful franchise that would have made a series of amazing (and very different, separate) games.

The Verge continued: “So, you would if they came to you and said, “Let’s make a full, proper video game.” Would you both?“.

Keanu replied, “Yeah, I mean, we should read the script. I’m sorry, I should read the script” — looking at Carrie-Anne as he kinda answers for her… but then Carrie-Anne quickly adds “I will do whatever he will do“.

Keanu simply added: “Either way, it’s a very exciting time“.

Yeah, I really want a new Matrix game designed in this next-gen world that Epic Games built using Unreal Engine 5 for The Matrix Awakens… which is now available for free on the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series Next-gen X consoles /S.

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