How to get the free Matrix Glider in Fortnite WinterFest 2021

Fortnite’s WinterFest holiday 2021 event offers players plenty of content and rewards to earn as the holiday season progresses. One of the coolest holiday season options that Fortnite players have is to open a gift of different characters once a day until January 6th.

WinterFest will allow players to unlock many different rewards, with one in particular grabbing all the attention. The Matrix x Fortnite Glider features a Franchise Sentinel, a flying robot that acts as one of the antagonists.

Fortnite’s WinterFest Gives Free Matrix Glider Freebies To Players

It has been confirmed that players will have the option to receive the Matrix glider in one of Sgt. The winter lodge. Unfortunately, players can only open one gift per day, which means they have to choose carefully unless they want to wait longer.

We now have 2 parts of the #Fortnite The X The Matrix collaboration revealed! The glider will be given as a Winterfest gift!

On the bright side, however, the gift that contains the Sentinel glider is pretty obvious and stands out as soon as players log into the event. After selecting the snowflake icon in the top right of the main lobby, Fortnite players are taken to a lodge where Sgt. Winter sits in her chair surrounded by gifts.

Look towards the correct pile of presents and watch out for the illuminated bag with the green Matrix code on the outside. Click on that gift, open it, and bam, the Sentinel glider is unlocked.

The glider itself is a sight to behold when players jump into a match. It spreads its tentacles everywhere, like a Sentinel does in the movie. Those equipped with this glider will have one of the cleanest Matrix items players can find.

Many more free rewards await you in the WinterFest giveaways alongside Sgt. Winter, including the Banana Winter skin. Log in daily to open a gift and receive all the rewards this holiday event has to offer.

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