How The Matrix Inspired Man of Steel’s Zod Final Fight Explained

Storyboard artist Jay Oliva explains how The Matrix movie sequels inspired Man of Steel’s epic final fight between Zod and Superman.

As the film nears its tenth anniversary, writer and producer Jay Oliva shares how The matrix revolutions inspired Steel manZod’s epic final fight sequence. In 2013 Zack Snyder Steel man had a tough job to do, being the first DC film to be released since the worldwide success The dark knight rises a year prior, Snyder and company set to follow the close of Christopher Nolan’s much-loved and widely grounded Batman trilogy. With the help of Nolan and David S. Goyer, who contributed the story to The Dark Knight trilogy, Snyder managed to update Superman’s story with Steel man, helping launch Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe.


While maintaining a more scientifically grounded approach to Nolan’s films with touches such as Superman creating a sonic boom in flight and that flying can be painful for him, Snyder brought in the renowned storyboard artist and animation director Oliva to make sure her vision was successful. ground and in the sky. As this is Oliva’s first live-action feature film, Steel man had several key action sequences that needed to be mapped out. The most complicated of these was the film’s final showdown between Superman (Henry Cavill) and longtime nemesis General Zod (Michael Shannon) amid the toppled skyscrapers of Metropolis.

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As audiences continue to look back on the Snyderverse, the artist Jay Oliva took to Twitter to share how The matrix inspired suites Steel manZod’s Last Stand. Fans have often cited Snyder’s declared love for The matrix As proof enough of his origin, Oliva now adds fuel to that fire by addressing both Superman’s cinematic past and the anime’s influence on the creation of these parts of the story. Check out what Oliva shared below:

Oliva’s comments confirm long-held fan theories that an anime influence has brought a whole new dimension to the cinematic world of Superman. Reinvigorating such a trodden path required strong inspiration to not only follow Nolan’s efforts in the superhero canon, but also to bring the last son of krypton into a more modern post-2006 world. The Return of Superman failed to revive the franchise. Drawing inspiration from the groundbreaking original of the Wachowskis Matrix movies proved to be an extremely effective route to take, given that it paid homage to anime classics, including Akira, ghost in the shell, Dragon Ball Z and ninja scrolland is often credited with bringing anime to mainstream Western attention.

Not only are the final battles of Snyder’s film and the Wachowskis’ trilogy more closely related stylistically, but the motivations of their big bads are also surprisingly similar. General Zod is determined to terraform the earth so that Krypton can be reborn, just like Agent Smith in The matrix revolutions (Hugo Weaving) wants to make everyone, including Neo (Keanu Reeves), a copy of himself. Almost a decade later Steel manIn movies, audiences got used to these kinds of potentially deadly aerial CGI battles, but at the time, the DC superhero franchise was really in its infancy. With the war between DC and Marvel still raging, and both houses drawing inspiration from multiple points of pop culture, it will be interesting to see where the next cultural touchstones will be laid.

Source: Jay Oliva/Twitter

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