Green Table Petition to Reinstate Masks in Medical Settings

On behalf of the Greens, I was pleased to table a petition in Parliament today signed by 961 Tasmanians calling for the reintroduction of masking requirements for high-risk environments, such as medical facilities and residential care settings. the elderly.

The petition also calls for the creation of a “Vaccines Plus” education campaign, strongly recommended by independent experts.

As Liberals try to pretend Covid-19 is over, many Tasmanians are still gravely concerned about the risks posed by this highly infectious and deadly virus – especially to clinically vulnerable people.

Reintroducing masks in high-risk settings is a common-sense step. It recognizes that access to medical care and essential services must be secure for all.

All Tasmanians should have the right to access much-needed care and support without being at increased risk of contracting Covid. This is especially true for the elderly, disabled and immunocompromised.

Establishing a comprehensive, evidence-based education campaign to inform Tasmanians of the dangerous nature of Covid and reduce the risk of transmission makes good sense. This is a crucial step in ensuring Tasmania remains as safe as possible for everyone.

The past few months have shown that when this deadly virus is allowed to circulate unchecked in the community, it has tragic consequences.

It is time for Jeremy Rockliff to show leadership and listen to experts and vulnerable Tasmanians. Reintroducing mask mandates in high-risk settings is the least he can do.

The Greens urge the Rockliff government to give this petition the attention it deserves and change its approach to Covid. Tasmanians have the right to be as safe as possible when they are most vulnerable.

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