Fortnite x The Matrix collaboration almost confirmed at The Game Awards 2021

Based on a recent article from “The Game Awards 2021”, the Fortnite x Matrix collaboration has apparently been confirmed. The word “EPIC” is mentioned in the post alongside the movie-related details.

Given that a collaboration with Epic Games has been talked about before, this is no mere coincidence. The only question left is, “What can fans expect and will it include a Fortnite crossover?”

What “EPIC” announcement can players expect?

Based on speculation, Matrix Awakens will be officially announced soon. It will be a Matrix experience on the PlayStation 5, which will use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 technology.

Besides the game/experience, a collaboration with Fortnite should also be announced. Just like other collaborations, cosmetics featuring characters from the franchise will be added in-game.

When will the Fortnite x Matrix collaboration take place?

With no official date or leaks, it’s unclear when the collaboration will take place. Based on past crossovers, characters from movies are usually added into the game before the movie/TV show airs.

According to the same sources: A Fortnite x Matrix (Neo & Trinity) collaboration is planned for the second half of December.

With Matrix Resurrection set to air on December 22, players can expect the collaboration to happen soon. Based on rough estimates, cosmetics could be added to the game by the third week of December.

What kind of cosmetics can players expect from the Fortnite x Matrix collaboration?

Calling now that there’s bound to be some sort of Matrix Resurrections promotion happening in Fortnite, likely featuring a set of Neo and Trinity; possibly Agent Smith and/or Morpheus. If they had one for Dune they *must* have one for The Matrix lol. Would sell huge.

Based on past crossovers with movie franchises, players can expect two major skins in the game. According to speculation, Neo and Trinity will be featured as skins during the collaboration. Agent Smith and Morpheus can also be added.

In addition to skins, other cosmetics such as back props, harvesting tools, and gliders will also be part of the collaboration. However, no information is available on this.

Nonetheless, players are already speculating that Neo’s “Bullet Dodge” will be featured as an emote. Given its iconic character, it can happen. However, for now, readers should take this information with a grain of salt.

Will the crossover feature a Creative Hub or an in-game experience?

With the Matrix franchise being so popular, chances are a Creative Hub will be featured in-game. This could feature iconic locations from the movie or a theme to commemorate the occasion.

Other than these features, players should not expect franchise assets to be present in-game as usable items. With Fortnite Chapter 3 already in full swing, there’s no room in the loot pool to add items.

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