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EAST ORANGE, NJ – On March 28, East Orange Mayor Ted R. Green joined a roundtable hosted by Senator Bob Menendez that focused on the crisis surrounding high child care costs and gaps in the country’s child care infrastructure.

Green has shown his support for Menendez’s reconciliation bill, which will ensure that any family earning less than $213,000 a year would pay no more than 7% of their earnings for childcare, which is in line with the President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act.

“Even before the pandemic, childcare was an issue for so many parents, and no parent should have to choose between sending their child to daycare and providing basic household needs for their family,” Green said. “As I am currently providing financial support for my niece to send her daughter to daycare, I know firsthand the impact of these exorbitant costs. I took on the responsibility because I didn’t want my niece to lose her job and therefore her ability to support her family.

“As everyone knows, the word that could best describe the state of child care in America today is ‘crisis.’ Between soaring costs, lack of availability, shortages of personnel and more, an industry that was barely limping before is now collapsing before our eyes,” Menendez said. “We can begin to fix this collapsing system by making critical investments in child care infrastructure. children of our country.We can cap the costs once and for all so that the only decision a parent has to make is whether to send their children to the high quality provider down the street or the one up the street .

The discussion, held at Zadie’s Early Childhood Center in East Orange, featured Assemblyman Britnee Timberlake, Zadie’s senior manager Winifred Smith-Jenkins, New Jersey’s senior children’s advocate Cynthia Rice and three parents from East Orange.

“The issue of child care payment is an intergenerational issue that affects everyone,” Timberlake said. “Child care centers nationwide face the challenge of retaining and retaining the workforce due to the high cost of inflation. As these centers struggle, we run the risk of passing the cost on to parents who are already overwhelmed. Therefore, women like me have to choose between continuing to grow their families and continuing to grow their careers. When child care costs are multiplied by the number of children at home, it becomes a decision for a parent to leave the workforce and often for the wife (chosen to stay at home). This begets a question of women’s rights and the advancement of women.

“I commend Senator Menendez for bringing the child care crisis to the fore and support his advocacy for our President’s Build Back Better Act through his reconciliation bill,” Green said. “In order to fix this crumbling system, childcare and early childhood education must be treated and funded as a public good.”

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