DXC Technology Named a Leader in Everest Group’s 2022 Cloud Services PEAK Matrix Assessment

ASHBURN, Virginia, February 15, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC), a Fortune 500 Global Technology Services Provider, Named a Leader in Two Tech Industry Reviews reports recently published by Everest Group, “Cloud Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022 – North America” and “Cloud Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022 – Europe”.

Everest Group highlighted DXC’s strong end-to-end cloud services in consulting, modernization and operations. The report also showcased DXC’s strengths in private and hybrid cloud solutions and its investments in industry cloud software solutions and application modernization services.

“Enterprises are increasingly embracing the cloud for business value creation and digitization, rather than just as a means to save costs. Industry-ready solutions, multi-cloud hosting environments and hybrid and value-aligned cloud services are preferred to address the challenges of cost management, resource scarcity, vendor dependency and cloud security,” said Mukesh Ranjan , Practice Director, Everest Group “DXC Technology’s investments in the suite of end-to-end cloud services enable it to provide its customers with services tailored to their business and technology needs. Client companies have appreciated his ability to proactively engage in joint workshops and project formulation sessions to help clients identify the right solutions.”

Everest Group evaluated IT service providers in North America and Europe based on vision and strategy, innovation and investments, service scope, delivery footprint, market adoption, portfolio composition and value delivered. They noted that DXC differentiates itself through its innovative operating model of mixed teams working with customer teams, allowing integration of technical expertise with business insights. The reports also highlighted how DXC’s customers appreciate its efforts to engage in joint innovation and ideation to help identify the right cloud solutions for their environments.

“Everest Group’s recognition clearly reflects DXC’s capabilities to provide our clients with the guidance needed to make the right technology investments at the right time as the landscape continues to evolve,” said Vinod Bagal, Executive Vice President, Global Delivery, DXC. “This leadership recognition for our cloud services is an acknowledgment of DXC’s commitment to innovation and excellence and our goal of making the Cloud Right™ for our customers.”

About DXC technology

DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) helps global enterprises manage their critical systems and operations while modernizing IT, optimizing data architectures and ensuring security and scalability across public, private and hybrid clouds. The world’s largest enterprises and public sector organizations trust DXC to deploy services across the enterprise technology stack to achieve new levels of performance, competitiveness and customer experience. Find out how we deliver excellence to our customers and colleagues at DXC.com.

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