Cox’s Bazar – Child Protection Sub-Sector 5W (Activity Mapping Matrix) Guidance Note & Indicator Guide, October 2017 – Bangladesh

What is 5Ws (Activity Mapping Matrix) used for?

  • The 5W tool (who does what, where, when and for whom) is designed for various functions that support information management, which is essential for effective humanitarian response. For the purposes of this exercise, 5Ws is used only for mapping and tracking sector interventions and achievements.

  • The tool helps to collect data on the operational presence and the results achieved (outputs) of child protection (CP) actors in Cox’s Bazar. Data is analyzed to produce reports on response status, gaps, overlaps, etc. This analysis is disseminated to the child protection sub-sector.

  • The tool is being used to collect and analyze data from the “coverage and reach” component of the CP Response Monitoring Initiative in Cox’s Bazar.

Why is the mapping exercise important?

The mapping exercise enables child protection actors to:

  • Gain a clear understanding of child protection interventions carried out by organizations working in different locations, as well as their target groups.

  • It provides the structure for a common and systematic information sharing process.

  • Provides real-time analysis of the child protection response for effective planning and monitoring.

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