Christian Siriano’s Last Matrix of Show Parts, Times Past

By LEANNE ITALY and JOHN CARUCCI, Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — What is reality?

Christian Siriano’s show at New York Fashion Week on Saturday was equal parts space age, centuries past, and present moment with a special guest: social media star Italian greyhound Tika the Iggy.

In the bowels of the Empire State Building, on a bare concrete floor, Siriano unfurled her signature huge ballgowns in a variety of colors and textures, including one in gray tweed with a huge hood and another in steel blue shiny with sleeves. which formed points worthy of the Jetsons. Before that, there was a range of looks in the experimental collection which he calls “Victorian Matrix”.

“I feel like that’s what we live in. For example, are we living in the Victorian era? Do we live in this alternate world? What is that ? So I guess that’s kind of how I approached collecting,” he told The Associated Press. “I felt like I wanted it to be this kind of fantasy fantasy world. And hopefully we’ll escape when we go underground, under the Empire State Building.

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Her buyers would be ready to get away in one of her long, cozy quilted coats in a blue and white swirl pattern. Others would flee in baby blue dresses or a brighter blue in a sheer ruffled pantsuit. Maybe they would wear her sheer black polka dot corset dress with the structured bubble skirt.

For Fall/Winter, there were plenty of choices as the world broke down, some outfits easier to wear than others.

The “Project Runway” mentor and host who launched his eponymous womenswear brand in 2008 included a series of looks in a bold black and taupe plaid. There was a bell pant outfit with a ruffled strapless top that would require some bold fashion confidence. He sent a model in a mini-dress version of the check with a huge round topper that’s as visible as fashion gets.

Her latest prom dress offerings also came in the check, one featuring a full skirt paired with a long-sleeved, midriff-baring top with a cutout back.

“The pandemic is on and we can’t get away from it, so I can’t help but wonder what our world will look like afterwards,” Siriano said in his broadcast notes. “What will happen to the fashion industry? And how will our customers buy? »

When they decide, Siriano will be ready in a soft pink corset with a ruffled neckline that he showed off with a skin-tight cream skirt that skimmed the floor, kicking up dust like other looks did as his models went on the sterile, underground podium.

Some of his guests cheered on his models as the show progressed. Hannah Waddingham of “Ted Lasso” fame, Susan Sarandon and Siriano are mainstays for Danielle Brooks (who wore it to her recent wedding) and Alicia Silverstone sat front row with Drew Barrymore and Candace Bushnell.

Thank goodness Iggy was there as a therapy dog ​​before Siriano put on that dream show. Waddingham posed for photos holding the little TikTok and Instagram star, a huge smile on her face.

This story has been updated to correct the name of Christian Siriano’s Italian Greyhound, Tika the Iggy.

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