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Tiger Woods declined to set a schedule for his return to the golf tournament on Tuesday in his first public appearance since a serious car accident earlier this year that left him “lucky to be alive.”

Speaking to reporters in the Bahamas ahead of the Hero World Challenge, Woods said he would never regain the full strength of his right leg, which was shattered after the Los Angeles crash in February.

Woods, 45, told Golf Digest in an interview on Monday that his days as a full-time professional golfer are over, saying he will now pick tournaments.

On Tuesday, the 15-time major winner gave no indication as to when he expected to be fit enough to play a full 72-hole pro event, repeatedly pointing out that his recovery was underway and that he still had pain in his back and leg.

“As far as playing at the tour level, I don’t know when it’s going to happen,” said Woods.

“Now I’m going to play a trick here or there, flick and laugh, I can do something like that,” Woods said.

Woods reiterated that he expects his post-crash career to mirror that of great golfer Ben Hogan, who was seriously injured in a 1949 crash.

Hogan, who won 64 PGA Tour events and nine majors, never played more than nine tournaments in a season after the accident.

“I don’t foresee that this leg will ever be what it was, so I’ll never have my back what it was, and the clock is ticking.” I’m getting older, I’m not getting any younger, ”Woods said. “All of that combined means a full schedule and a full training schedule and the recovery it would take to do that. I don’t want to do it. this.”

Risk of amputation

“But pick up the pace for a few events a year like Mr. Hogan has done, and he’s done a pretty good job, there’s no reason I can’t do it and feel ready.” I might not be tournament sharp in the sense that I haven’t played tournaments, but I think if you train right and do it right I have already quit having surgeries. “

“So I know the recipe, I just need to get to a point where I feel comfortable enough that I can do it again. “

While Woods isn’t speculating on a possible return goal, he admitted he would be keen to play next year’s British Open, which will mark his 150th anniversary in St. Andrews, the golfing homeland where Woods already has. won twice.

“Yeah, I would love to play at St. Andrews, no question,” said Woods. “Physically, I hope I can. I have to get there first. The tournament is not going anywhere, but I need to This is my favorite golf course in the world. To be a two-time Open champion. there just being part of the Champions Dinner is really cool.

“Since my first in 2005, I’ve been able to attend a Champions Dinner, it was pretty neat to be part of it.”

Woods, meanwhile, declined to comment directly on his memories of the crash, which left him unable to walk unaided for several months.

However, he revealed that the amputation of his mutilated leg, which suffered two open fractures, had been “on the table”.

“I’m lucky to be alive, but I still have the limb as well. These are two crucial things. I’m so grateful that someone upstairs is taking care of me, that I can not only be here but also walk without a prosthesis, ”said Woods, who said his rehab was more difficult than his multiple returns. back and knee surgeries earlier in his career.

“The knee thing was one thing. It’s a level. Then the back. With that right leg. … It’s hard to explain how hard it is. Be still for three months. Just to lie down there. I just couldn’t wait to get out. It was one of my goals. Especially for a person who has lived their entire life outdoors, that was a goal, ”he said.

“I went from a wheelchair to crutches and now nothing. It’s been a lot of hard work. “

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]]> Nepal unveils first shock table installation built with Indian help https://cox2008.com/nepal-unveils-first-shock-table-installation-built-with-indian-help/ Mon, 29 Nov 2021 15:44:00 +0000 https://cox2008.com/nepal-unveils-first-shock-table-installation-built-with-indian-help/

Kathmandu: Boosting its earthquake-resistant engineering, Nepal on Monday unveiled the country’s first shock table installation with integrated financial support from the Indian government and the United Nations Development Program.

The installation was inaugurated at the premises of the Tribhuwan University Institute of Engineering (IOE), on the Pulchowk campus.

The United Nations Development Agency and India constructed the facility in collaboration with the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) under the Ministry of Urban Development and OIE, Pulchowk Campus.

The recently unveiled facility aims to build IOE’s capacity for research and academic work on safer construction and modernization techniques.

“We are in one of the vulnerable places to live and a large part of the population still resides there. The technology that the Pulchowk Engineering Campus is trying to put into practice here is extremely important. This would protect not only residential areas that are in danger, but also future disasters as such. This would not only help the efforts of the government, but also increase public awareness, ”said Rahm Kumari Jhakri, Minister of Urban Development.

Minister Jhakri also stressed the need to redouble efforts to improve the security of millions of homes in Nepal and pledged to provide the necessary support to expand the research center and its application.

Addressing the event, Karun Bansal, First Secretary (Development and Reconstruction Projects), Embassy of India in Kathmandu, congratulated all involved in the construction of the facility and expressed hope that the The installation, which is part of the larger post-earthquake support provided by India to Nepal, would help build the capacity of the Government of Nepal to build resilience to earthquakes.

“The goal of the GOI housing project was not only the reconstruction of houses damaged by the earthquake, but also the creation of a repository of information, technology transfer and research activities. During the implementation of this project, it was estimated that a number of affected people preferred to renovate their house rather than build the new house. For the modernization, it was essential to test the seismic performance of the alternative modernization solutions. To this end, UNDP, with the support of the Indian government, has built this shock table installation at the premises of this institute in collaboration with DUDBC and the Ministry of Urban Development, ”Bansal said at the event.

As part of the reconstruction process launched after the 2015 mega-earthquake, more than 50,000 private houses were built in Gorkha and Nuwakot with funding from the Indian government.

UNDP and UNOPS were contracted by the Indian government in March 2018 to provide socio-technical facilitation and consultation services (STFC) to these 50,000 households affected by the earthquake.

The GoI has committed $ 150 million in post-earthquake assistance in the housing sector to provide financial and technical support for the reconstruction of 50,000 beneficiaries, including $ 100 million in grant and $ 50 million under our fourth. credit line.

Under the close guidance of experts, UNDP constructed the Shock Table, which is the first of its kind in Nepal, as a national research center that will assess the seismic performance of buildings and structures made of similar materials. A shock table with a payload capacity of 20 tonnes of size 6 mx 3.6 m was built on the Pulchowk campus.

Physical testing of the seismic performance of retrofitted and non-retrofitted model homes on the Shock Table will provide a basis for expanding retrofit options and techniques across Nepal. Study shows that more than two million private homes are at risk of collapsing in an earthquake and could be made safer, while keeping their old designs and architectures intact, using modernization technology.

The testing facility of the shock table is expected to play a key role in identifying the appropriate retrofit technologies that will be needed to make traditional Nepalese houses safer and more resilient.

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Turnip and Thyme Sheffield Restaurant Review: Our struggle to find a table was worth it – Phoebe Fuller https://cox2008.com/turnip-and-thyme-sheffield-restaurant-review-our-struggle-to-find-a-table-was-worth-it-phoebe-fuller/ Sun, 28 Nov 2021 05:00:00 +0000 https://cox2008.com/turnip-and-thyme-sheffield-restaurant-review-our-struggle-to-find-a-table-was-worth-it-phoebe-fuller/

It was a balmy autumn Friday night when I arrived – trendy late (at least I tell myself) – for a morning meal with friends, at Turnip and Thyme in Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.

This meal was long overdue as my friend had wanted to try the food here for a while but had long struggled to find a table.

As it happened, the best we could be offered that particular Friday night was a 5:45 p.m. slot – on the promise that we would be released at 7:45 p.m.

For more information on YorkshireLive food and drink, click here.

It was a bit early for my liking, but I was grateful that the restaurant rushed us and the lady who took care of my reservation, via email, was very friendly and accommodating.

My partner and our friends were already there when I arrived, and my guide son, Robin, was already busy charming the other diners and the restaurant staff with his newly become one kindness.

Knowing that we only had a few hours to sample the menu, the four of us – Robin taking advantage of his mother’s offer of chips to keep her busy – we set to decide what we would have.

It was decided to give up starters in favor of main courses and desserts. However, if we had also chosen the starters, I wouldn’t have said no to the carrot and dill arancini – which are served with orange and ginger humous and basil oil. .

As two vegetarians in the group, myself and my friend Lauren, opted for the wild mushroom rissotto which was served with a “crisp” of parmesan, watercress and a poached egg.

I really enjoyed the rissotto, which was rich in flavor and a bit oily in texture, which I appreciate.

The fresh watercress paired well with the dish and provided a bit of a respite from the heavy carbs, just like the egg. The crisp Parmesan was an interesting twist, although I found its flavor a bit overwhelming – I’ve never been a big fan of Parmesan, so this one is for me.

Mushroom rissotto with macaroni and cheese

Maybe stupidly I couldn’t resist ordering a mac and cheese side, which was more the same (carbs in sauce) so I had to be taken home in a box for my lunch the next day. .

It had been served with a topping of toasted breadcrumbs and the flavor of the dish was really nice, although I can’t comment on how much that was helped by it staying in my fridge for an extra day!

My partner ordered the pork belly, which was served with mashed apples and tarragon, ham fondant, cider juice and buttered greens with thyme.

It certainly looked the part and I’m sure it was very tasty, as was the lamb rump – served with candied garlic pesto, broad beans, roasted shallots, sautéed potatoes. and madeira sauce – which our friend Jonathan ordered.

Lamb served with all the garnishes
Lamb served with all the garnishes

We also ordered a serving of onion rings and fries, which were shared around the table – the onion rings were huge, so if you’re a fan you won’t be disappointed!

The presentation of all the dishes was there, with good portions not too big but more than enough, so no risk of going home hungry.

As a bonus, little Robin was treated to two slices of thick bread and a fluffy poached egg – completely free – so he didn’t miss the dining experience.

A table full of delicious food
A table full of delicious food

Something sweet

When it was time to taste the puddings, I opted for the apple and blackberry crumble, served with white chocolate and cinnamon cream.

I would describe the crumble as rustic, served in a shallow dish with a good portion of fruit compote and a loose, crispy filling that looked like it had been sprinkled on top – it was different from the heavy, baked crumble that I expected, it was very good.

The shining star, however, was the white chocolate and subtly sweet cinnamon cream – so greedy that I would put it forward, if ever the option was presented to me.

The divine chocolate crumble and cinnamon custard
The divine chocolate crumble and cinnamon custard

My partner opted for Bailey’s panna cotta – which he said was “okay” – and Lauren had the chocolate orange fondant.

I tasted the fondant, gooey in the middle as needed, and it was deliciously rich, with a spicy orange flavor that complimented the chocolate nicely.

By the time we had all finished our meals it was past 7:45 pm and a member of staff apologized to us that they were now asking for the table for another group.

Orange chocolate fondant served with ice cream
Orange chocolate fondant served with ice cream

Fortunately, the meal did not seem rushed and we had the peaceful opportunity to empty our plates and empty our glasses before being shown on our way.

The total bill – for four main courses, four puddings, three sides and five alcoholic drinks – was £ 121.50 – so you’re looking at just over £ 30 each.

However, if you only have a drink and two courses, you will find that you can easily enjoy a hearty meal for around £ 27 at Turnip and Thyme.

The restaurant itself had a very relaxed vibe, with pleasant decor and warm lighting, so very well set up for an informal meal with friends.

The staff were friendly, attentive, and went the extra mile to make sure everyone was happy – making sure that even a one year old in a high chair was treated like a valued customer.

We all left very full and very happy, I think we will definitely be going back … if we can get another table.

Have you ever tried turnip and thyme? Let us know in the comments!

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US Says “All Options” on Table Regarding Reinforcement of Russian Troops Near Ukraine https://cox2008.com/us-says-all-options-on-table-regarding-reinforcement-of-russian-troops-near-ukraine/ Fri, 26 Nov 2021 17:40:51 +0000 https://cox2008.com/us-says-all-options-on-table-regarding-reinforcement-of-russian-troops-near-ukraine/

All options are on the table on how to respond to the “large and unusual” troop build-up near the Ukrainian border, and the NATO alliance will decide on the next decision after next week’s consultations. , said the top American diplomat in charge of European affairs. Friday.

“As you can understand, all the options are on the table and there is a toolkit that includes a whole range of options,” Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Karen Donfried said at the meeting. ‘a telephone briefing.

“Now it is up to the alliance to decide what next steps NATO wants to take,” she said, speaking ahead of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Latvia and Sweden next week to attend NATO and the Organization for Security and Cooperation. in Europe (OSCE), where she said the formation of “large and unusual” troops in Moscow would be high on the agenda.

U.S., NATO and Ukrainian officials have sounded the alarm bells in recent weeks over what they see as unusual Russian troop movements closer to Ukraine, suggesting Moscow may be on the verge of launching an attack on its neighbor, accusations Russia has dismissed as alarmist.

When asked if Blinken was going to meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Stockholm, Donfried replied that she had no announcement to make on such a bilateral deal, but added: “Stay tuned “.

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The headlines of the day: Home visits and hospitality on the table for the new Covid borders; The effectiveness of Pfizer jabs decreases just three months after the second shot https://cox2008.com/the-headlines-of-the-day-home-visits-and-hospitality-on-the-table-for-the-new-covid-borders-the-effectiveness-of-pfizer-jabs-decreases-just-three-months-after-the-second-shot/ Thu, 25 Nov 2021 06:59:00 +0000 https://cox2008.com/the-headlines-of-the-day-home-visits-and-hospitality-on-the-table-for-the-new-covid-borders-the-effectiveness-of-pfizer-jabs-decreases-just-three-months-after-the-second-shot/

Welcome and home visits on the table for the new Covid borders

New limits on the number of people allowed to sit at indoor tables, caps on home visits and a reduction in concert hall capacity are among measures being discussed by the government as it struggles. to bring the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic under control.

First-time buyers are aging while 76 pc are now over 30 years old

Most first-time homebuyers are now over 30, which is a major reversal of previous trends.

People who have received the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine are at increased risk of becoming infected with the virus as early as three months after their second vaccine, a new study reveals today.

TD insists borrowed truck used in protest against Dáil “fully insured”

A TD who drove a truck into the Dáil compound during a protest coup said he did not even own the vehicle. The independent MP said the truck is insured, although the disc is not visible.

“Obsession” to raise retirement age means other options are being ignored, committee said

Policymakers are obsessed with increasing the age at which people are entitled to state pensions, they told politicians.

The Indo Daily: the aftermath of Black Friday

The Indo Daily: the aftermath of Black Friday

Listen on Spotify

A public holiday on St. Brigid’s Day “is not excluded”

A new public holiday on St. Brigid’s Day has not been ruled out for next year and frontline workers are expected to receive a one-time premium in the event of a pandemic.

Worst examples include televisions where claimed discounts of over $ 1,000 are actually only $ 150 cheaper than before, and headphones quoting outdated prices from years ago.

Images of government figures and health officials saying “schools are safe”

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NOTICE | Tebogo Khaas: There is a fighter on the DA table https://cox2008.com/notice-tebogo-khaas-there-is-a-fighter-on-the-da-table/ Wed, 24 Nov 2021 01:13:24 +0000 https://cox2008.com/notice-tebogo-khaas-there-is-a-fighter-on-the-da-table/

Tebogo Khaas sets out some of the challenges in our subways as a result of the precarious arrangement between DA, ActionSA and EFF.

The historic lesson of the 2021 local elections is undisputed: the ANC was rejected at the polls primarily because it is corrupt, in turmoil, and has failed to deliver on many of its lofty promises made over the years.

Coalition governments have emerged as an antidote to decades of ANC hegemony and pride. Whether this signals a permanent and tectonic overhaul of our politics and, ultimately, keeping our Constitution promises remains a colossal unknown. Let me explain.

In the wake of what is considered a decisive municipal election, the first rounds of the coalition government have been fired. What about all the subways in Gauteng and probably KwaZulu-Natal, former ANC strongholds, falling under the “silt in place” agreements led by the DA at the instigation of the? EFF? The ANC surely knows full well now that shouting “Viva Mandela” or marching revered ANC chairman Cyril Ramaphosa is no longer a viable campaign strategy.

“Smart blacks” and tired ANC supporters like everyone else who want safer streets; a reliable and affordable supply of electricity and water; clean neighborhoods; well-maintained roads and public infrastructure; no longer see the ghost of Verwoerd, FW de Klerk or the bigot Helen Zille behind DA candidates like incoming mayor of Johannesburg Mpho Phalatse and Tania Campbell of Ekurhuleni.

Ideological differences

To understand the urgency for the incoming DA administrations in the newly created suspended councils, it is important to be clear about how the DA has been plunged into a brash arrangement and what this may portend for him and the affected communities. .

First, there are deep ideological differences between the EFF – Machiavellian capitalists who claim their adherence to Marxist-Leninist philosophies, and the instigators of the arrangement – on the one hand, and the DA – the supporters of neoliberalism and the fortuitous beneficiaries of “vat en sit” arrangements, on the other hand.

If the DA sanctions the provisions, the decision is not without risk for it.

At this crucial point, the DA needs the political dexterity and maturity to balance the need for stability and political independence in the subways it runs. If he moves too cautiously to mark his authority, he could fuel the ubiquitous psychological dynamic that may already be taking hold: the DA, like Action SA, dances to the whims of the EFF. This could fuel a spiral that creates discontent within himself and among his other trusted partners, such as Freedom Front Plus.

But if the DA accelerates the pace of asserting its authority, the risks are also opposite.

It could reinforce perceptions of it as crude and insensitive to the expectations of its partners, whom it critically needs to pass budgets and hang on to these subways.

READ | Ralph Mathekga: Stranger Things: DA accepts EFF help to claim Joburg, Ekurhuleni

Second, one could not have conjured up a more explosive constellation of corrosive leadership figures such as the trio of Julius Malema of EFF, Helen Zille of DA and Herman Mashaba of Action SA.

Their unbridled egos and earthy features are constantly on display.

The DA has officially ruled out any possibility of working with the EFF. He accuses EFF of bribing his former Johannesburg mayor, Herman Mashaba, the last time the DA took over town hall.

Likewise, the EFF always hurls choice and caustic words against the DA leadership. This is unlikely to change.

The greatest risk to the formation of stable administrations where the DA rules at the behest of the EFF and ActionSA lies in the unpredictability of the EFF to whose political whims Mashaba dances easily and unashamedly. This could precipitate endless motions of no confidence.

Forced marriage of convenience

Now the DA finds himself under the same Egyptian cotton sheets with a party he hates. They might find the coitus of the first few nights therapeutic, but it remains to be seen if and how long this forced marriage of convenience will last.

Third, the basis for this arrangement is fragile.

The EFF, having been snubbed by the ANC during their coalition talks, and ActionSA, whose leader is on a personal crusade against the ANC, voted for the DA out of spite for the ANC.

Some experts argue that the ANC’s losses in the Joburg, eThekwini and Ekurhuleni races, where many conflicting issues were a factor, should not be extrapolated to generalize about the ANC’s fortunes in future local elections. I am swayed.

It is often easy to dismiss individual polls which may or may not be correct – but one cannot dismiss a clear electoral trend: ANC leakage was disproportionately higher in large cities, and the idea that disgruntled voters of the ANC will be an ordeal eager and ready to restore its electoral fortunes in the future is not sustainable. There are brutal headwinds awaiting the ANC.

For starters, it is widely accepted that it was the insistence of NEC member Nkosazana Zuma that the venal and inept outgoing mayor of eThekwini, by the name of Mxolisi Kaunda, be nominated for the ANC candidacy for the post of mayor. It was despite the ANC’s commitment to the IFP earlier that it would not. This upset the agreement between the two parties in KZN. The IFP naturally felt betrayed by what it perceived to be the arrogance and deception of the ANC. It simply indicates a lack of integrity and loyalty to ANC commitments.

Let us not forget that, while still mayor, Kaunda tacitly encouraged or overlooked the looting and chaos that devastated eThekwini in July. His cronies are also believed to be the source of the disruption in the voting process when he sensed his ouster ahead of the vote earlier this month.


Further, the ANC’s allowing some of its NEC members to join protesting employees outside of a meeting called to ratify and implement coalition agreements on the eve of crucial voting councils in the whole country reveals the depravity of its leadership.

My constant retort is that South Africans have been left homeless to suffer in the rain of corruption, injustice, neglect, arrogance, incompetence and poor service delivery. the ANC for too long.

Since 2016, voters have gradually turned against the ANC and rejected its timid embrace of the urgent need to change and live by its core values.

Ramaphosa and the ANC are in the last-ditch lounge. He must reorient the ANC towards its founding values ​​in order to save its presidency and keep the party relevant. He should follow his instincts and listen to the centrists within his party, push back the RET faction and recommend that the ANC tackle the growing socio-economic problems people are facing.

Many disgruntled ANC supporters see inaction in the face of rampant corruption and internal unrest within the party as the heart of the current crisis. This, in their mind, requires immediate attention.

Tackling internal issues head-on will likely mean connecting with the immediate needs and anxieties of voters ahead of Ramaphosa’s decisive test in 2024. His success in repairing the party and his administration is electorate enthusiasm. And if the ANC does not evolve, stay on its current trajectory and continue to pamper the corrupt and inept in its ranks, it could, as happened with Cape Town, not only say goodbye to the exploitation of key metros across South Africa for a long time, but could also lose control of the National Assembly in 2024.

As a successful businessman, Ramaphosa was adept at building partnerships and a multi-billion dollar business empire. This is the leadership we need now. From time to time, leaders tend to fall back on their party’s narrative.

Free course

With the spotlight now on Phalatse – as the first female mayor of South Africa’s largest city and economic hub of Africa – her success hinges in large part on the support she will receive across the political spectrum. . It would be a masterstroke if the DA were to infuse non-partisan advisers into its mayoral executive council and give it carte blanche to engender a more consultative style of management that would ensure fair and responsible representation in the city.

READ | First take: a day of political earthquakes that will shape the future of our cities

While the economy and employment are now the main national problems, backlogs in service delivery, increasing statistics on crime, pandemic and local economic development generate basic concerns about race, creed and political affiliation. At this point, it doesn’t matter which party or leader is at the helm of the City of Gold as long as it regains its lost luster, allure, and promise of abundant opportunity.

And like in all suspense thrillers, this storyline is not over yet. There could still be twists and turns to come.

To begin with, the DA may choose to reject the “forced” arrangement at the next council meeting despite the EFF. Also, EFF and ActionSA could watch for closure at key times, such as when city council members are appointed just for control. And so, we could be heading for a steamy and tumultuous journey ahead.

It would be remiss of me to let a moment of levity pass.

In their wisdom, DA leaders Helen Zille and John Steenhuisen scrambled to protest Mashaba for trying to force the EFF through the back door. And what did the EFF do? They entered through the front door to claim their seats at the table. Now it doesn’t matter if it was John or someone else o-vul’igate. Do it with, Hélène!

– Tebogo Khaas is a political commentator and director of Public Interest SA.

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The end of COVID-19 PHE: “table stakes” for data and IT to keep coverage gains | Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP https://cox2008.com/the-end-of-covid-19-phe-table-stakes-for-data-and-it-to-keep-coverage-gains-manatt-phelps-phillips-llp/ Mon, 22 Nov 2021 22:58:50 +0000 https://cox2008.com/the-end-of-covid-19-phe-table-stakes-for-data-and-it-to-keep-coverage-gains-manatt-phelps-phillips-llp/

Editor’s Note: In a new briefing note prepared for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s State Health and Value Strategies program, Manatt Health examines the “tabletop issues” of the information technology (IT) system of Medicaid agency and the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). which will have the greatest impact for states seeking to ensure that eligible enrollees are able to retain or switch to new affordable health coverage when federal continuing coverage requirements end. If adopted, these strategies will also allow states to dramatically improve Medicaid / CHIP enrollment and maintenance of long-term coverage for those eligible for government-subsidized health coverage. The highlights of the briefing note are summarized below. Click on here to download a free copy of the complete dossier.

After the continuous coverage requirements expire, states will resume normal eligibility and enrollment activities for all Medicaid and CHIP enrollments. The volume of redetermination activity expected at the end of the public health emergency (PHE) is unprecedented. Throughout the pandemic, every state has seen an increase in enrollments (totaling 10.5 million new Medicaid / CHIP enrollments, a 14.7% increase from 2019),1 while having suspended regular eligibility and registration operations for the more than 70 million people who already had health coverage through Medicaid / CHIP. As a result, many registrants have not gone through the reassessment process for almost two years, and some have never had to reassess their Medicaid eligibility because they signed up during the pandemic.

The triple threat of unprecedented volume, a condensed period of time, and customers unfamiliar with redetermination processes associated with existing IT and data limitations pose a significant risk of loss of coverage after the PHE ends. State and federal operators and administrators now have the opportunity to pursue the following set of ‘table stakes’ strategies to upgrade and improve data quality and IT system capacity to prepare for this major coverage event and ensure retention and continuity of coverage.

State IT table stake strategies

Effective re-determination begins with full registrant contact details, user-friendly ways for individuals to update critical information, and standardized data definitions with partners. Three IT efforts are at stake to meet these needs: adopting a more effective and efficient use of data, improving the quality of account transfer data, and expanding the capabilities and capacity of online portals. States that have not continued these efforts, or have more to do to improve functionality, can undertake system improvements now and perform in a manner that allows them to receive the 90 percent federal match for IT investments. of Medicaid.

Table stakes strategy # 1: Adopt more effective and efficient use of data

Under federal law and regulation, state Medicaid agencies must use all available data to renew eligibility before requesting additional information from the individual.2 However, given the increase in the number of new recruits and the nearly two-year hiatus on reassessment activity, it is likely that state Medicaid agencies will not have the most recent information on their recruits. Accessing data through new partners and sources can help fill these gaps.

States can deploy a creative approach to master data management before the end of the PHE by first aligning with the minimum underlying data that is needed (e.g. first name, last name, e-mail address). mail, mobile phone number), determining which systems and partners have the most up-to-date versions of this data, and prioritizing data import based on feasibility (e.g. time to set up agreements data sharing, the technical complexity associated with importing).

Seeking the most recent information may force states to consider non-traditional partners and data sources within ministries of health or social services, with partners in managed care, or with other external data sources. The broadening of the master data management approach from present until the end of the PHE could allow States to broaden the openness of the data source and evolve to a more modern base that can integrate both structured and unstructured data.

Table stakes strategy # 2: Improve the quality of account transfer data

As states re-determine eligibility, it is likely that higher volume than usual will need to be transferred to the Federal Government Facilitated Market (FFM) due to changes in eligibility or of circumstances. To minimize gaps in coverage and better manage case response, States will need to ensure that transfers not only work from a technical standpoint, but also contain sufficient information for processing. Additionally, although the data currently provided may pass the Technical Account Transfer Scheme to the Federal Data Services Hub, optional fields, such as consumer email address and mobile phone number, will be of importance. crucial to include wherever possible. In fact, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines require states to “include all information collected and generated by the state.”3 In states operating their own state-based exchanges where Medicaid and the exchange do not share an eligibility system and / or case management system, similar challenges may arise.

States have the opportunity to identify and improve account transfer data quality issues in two dimensions:

  1. Completeness of address data: In order for accounts to be successfully transferred to the FFM, a minimum data set must be present.4 States can assess outgoing accounts that have historically failed the initial account transfer, identify the data elements that most often caused that failure, and prioritize correcting those inconsistencies.
  2. Update systems to include additional contact information fields: Some states may not have updated their computer systems to include optional contact information with outgoing account transfers, such as cell phone numbers and email addresses. Resolving gaps in these areas may be simpler technical changes for states already collecting this information and could allow the FFM to take more rapid action to contact transferees after a determination of overage for Medicaid / CHIP.

Table stakes strategy n ° 3: Developing the capacities and capacity of online portals

Mobile access to apps and online accounts not only makes it easier to engage with registrants, but can also dramatically reduce the workload for state and county agencies, allowing social workers to focus on registrants who need more intensive in-person / live assistance. A growing number of states are offering mobile access to online apps and accounts, funded at least in part by enhanced Medicaid matching funds. As of January 2020, individuals can submit applications online via a mobile device in 44 states, up from 28 states in 2017.5 Recognizing the importance of this digital tool at the end of the PHE, States may want to ensure that their portals meet three key criteria:

  1. Portal accounts are easy to create and access.
  2. Portals have the most critical eligibility and registration features, including two key online portal features: the ability to upload verification documents and view member reviews.
  3. The portals are supported by an IT infrastructure capable of handling high volumes.


While difficult, the end of federal continuing coverage requirements and the unwinding of related policies may provide a unique opportunity for states to not only meet the challenge and maintain the coverage gains recorded during the pandemic period, but It also takes a seismic step towards a modern technological evolution and approach to Medicaid eligibility and enrollment that better serves individuals through more efficient data sharing, data management and technology solutions.

1 Kaiser family foundation, Analysis of recent national trends in Medicaid and CHIP enrollment.

2 42 CFR § 435.916.

3 CMCS Information Bulletin, Coordination of eligibility and enrollment between Medicaid, CHIP and the federally facilitated marketplace (FFM or “Marketplace”).

4 CMS Office of Information Services, Federal Data Services Center (Federal DSH).

5 Kaiser Family Foundation, Medicaid and CHIP eligibility, enrollment and cost-sharing policies as of January 2020: survey results in 50 states.

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See you at the table for Thanksgiving https://cox2008.com/see-you-at-the-table-for-thanksgiving/ Sat, 20 Nov 2021 23:15:00 +0000 https://cox2008.com/see-you-at-the-table-for-thanksgiving/

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Governor’s Road Safety Program (GHSP) partners with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to make sure you show up to the table for Thanksgiving.

Because Thanksgiving Day is one of the busiest in America, more drivers will be on the roads than usual, increasing the likelihood of a car crash. As the holiday season kicks off, it’s more important than ever to stress the importance of seat belt safety with this essential reminder: Buckle up. Every trip. Everytime.

With more families and friends reunited this year after the cancellation of many such events last year, the GHSP is also reminding everyone:

Over Thanksgiving weekend 2019 (6 p.m. Wednesday, November 27 to 5:59 a.m. Monday, December 2), 279 passenger vehicle occupants were killed in traffic crashes across the country. More than half (54%) were not attached. The night proved to be even more deadly, with 52% of Thanksgiving weekend crashes occurring at night. These deaths represent unnecessary tragedies for families across America and may have been avoided with the click of a seat belt.

“As group gathering restrictions have eased, we expect more traffic on West Virginia roads during the upcoming vacation. Whether you’re driving 10 minutes to the Thanksgiving dinner table or 10 a.m., it’s critical that drivers and passengers use their seat belts, and that includes kids in the right car seats. No one expects to be in an accident, but if so, wearing your seat belt is the only thing you can do to help prevent fatalities and injuries, ”said Bob Tipton, Director of the GHSP.

“Plus, impaired driving is a real threat to our communities. Drug and alcohol impaired drivers are a dangerous problem that increases during holidays like Thanksgiving. Driving under the influence is deadly and illegal, and no one should ever take the risk, ”Tipton continued.

Drunk driving accidents increase during the Thanksgiving holiday season. According to the NHTSA, from 2015 to 2019, 135 drivers involved in fatal crashes the day before Thanksgiving (6 p.m. to 5:59 a.m.) were intoxicated and throughout the holiday period (6 p.m. on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving until at 5:59 a.m.). the Monday following Thanksgiving), nearly 800 people died in alcohol-impaired crashes. In fact, during the Thanksgiving 2019 holiday season, more than four times as many drivers involved in fatal crashes were drunk at night than during the day.

Remember: in West Virginia, it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher. If you are under the influence of a harmful substance, give the keys to a sober friend instead of driving home yourself.

If you plan to go out to the bar or to parties during the Thanksgiving vacation, be sure to plan for a sober homecoming. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a safe night out.

• Remember that it is never okay to drive while intoxicated. Even if you’ve only had one alcoholic drink, designate a sober driver or plan to use public transit or a transportation service to get home safely.
• If available, use your community’s sober driving program.
• If you see a drunk driver on the road, contact local law enforcement.
• Do you have a friend who is about to drive drunk? Take the keys with you and make arrangements to get your friend home safely.

For more information on Safe Thanksgiving Travel, please visit www.nhtsa.gov/risky-driving/seat-belts. To learn more about impaired driving issues, visit https://www.nhtsa.gov/risky-driving/drunk-driving.

For more information on the West Virginia Governor’s Highway Safety Program, visit www.dmv.wv.gov/ghsp or call 304-926-2509.

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Vaccination seats at the Thanksgiving table https://cox2008.com/vaccination-seats-at-the-thanksgiving-table/ Sat, 20 Nov 2021 13:35:43 +0000 https://cox2008.com/vaccination-seats-at-the-thanksgiving-table/

For families who celebrated Thanksgiving 2020 gathered not around a table but around a Zoom screen, the thought of seeing loved ones in person is one of the most anticipated gifts of the season. And I don’t mean through a window. But between concerns about vaccines and Covid variants, some family members are wondering if it’s worth it.

Source: Image by Maggie Poo on Pixbay

Poultry post-pandemic planning

In early 2020, we experienced what I call the bonding power of social distancing over how being forced to stay away brought us closer together. As a holiday season approaches when we can finally get together, a lot of people are afraid to do so. And this year, seating around the Thanksgiving table doesn’t depend on the number of votes, but on immunization status.

And how do you approach the subject in the first place? Vaccination status has slipped onto the list of taboo topics, alongside sex and politics. As for the documentation, you’re probably not going to ask beloved Aunt May to flash her QR code at the door, assuming she even has a smartphone. If you use the honor system, you are taking a leap of faith. Maybe you’re taking a lesson from the great three-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers, who has been criticized for misleading the public about his vaccine status,[i] and requiring guests to declare that they are “vaccinated” and not “immunized”.

And when it comes to face coverings, are hosts literally stifling vacation conversations by requiring guests to be both vaxxed and masked? After all, many vaccinated people are still uncomfortable being around other unmasked people, even if they are vaccinated. And who controls the room? “Uncle Joe, I’m going to have to ask you to put your mask back on.” ”

Add to that the fact that in most households, the Thanksgiving meal is not characterized by restraint. All of this delicious indulgence and the conversation that goes with it will unfold without a mask. So, unless everyone is also wearing plastic shields and can manage to remember that they are wearing them (in order to avoid crushing them with a fork or wineglass), there is no way to completely escape the risk.

Vaccine psychology

Thomas O’Rourke and Nicholas Iammarino (2021) discussed the psychology of immunization in an article titled “The COVID-19 Challenge Is Now In Your Mind, The Guns Will Follow”.[ii] They note that many diverse methods of encouraging vaccination have been effective, including public awareness and education campaigns, an increasing number of vaccination sites, relaxed eligibility requirements, and employment-based incentives. They recognize the challenge now that a significant percentage of the population has been vaccinated, persuading those who are eligible but remain resistant to the vaccine. To this end, they support messages from healthcare professionals and educators that are behavioral-oriented, but also “factually accurate, persuasive and relevant, and culturally and linguistically appropriate”.

But even if your Thanksgiving table will include one or more medical professionals, this is probably not the right place for such a discussion just yet. Not to mention the fact that you can have guests who have medical or religious exemptions. So, how do loved ones get together safely this holiday season? Here are some ideas:

The great outdoors

The viability of this option depends on where you live. November is a different experience in Miami compared to Minneapolis, although heat lamps can warm the area. This option is best used as an all-or-nothing, to avoid having to relegate only the unvaccinated family patriarch to the patio.

Rapid tests for everyone

Some families do not discriminate; provide rapid tests for everyone, regardless of immunization status. Make sure you have a plan, however, for someone coming out on the wrong side.

One possibility, certainly not a coveted choice, is a social hour before meal on Zoom. Ultra-cautious or immunosuppressed loved ones at least have a chance to see everyone, albeit virtually.

As we enter another unusual holiday season, striving to strike the right balance between holiday planning and disease prevention, we are reminded of the reason for the season. Let us enjoy friends, family, faith and fellowship, with thanks for all that we are fortunate to have.

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Broker Post Profit Ratings, TP, Opinions on BABA-SW (09988.HK) (table) AASTOCKS Financial News https://cox2008.com/broker-post-profit-ratings-tp-opinions-on-baba-sw-09988-hk-table-aastocks-financial-news/ Fri, 19 Nov 2021 03:45:00 +0000 https://cox2008.com/broker-post-profit-ratings-tp-opinions-on-baba-sw-09988-hk-table-aastocks-financial-news/

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