Can the new Matrix Resurrections cast become this iconic?

The Matrix was the reason Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss became hugely popular among moviegoers and Neo – Trinity, an iconic pair. Could the new Matrix Resurrections, released 20 years later, do the same for the new cast? And could Gwyn de Vere play a bigger role than we initially thought?

In Matrix Resurrections, released just late last year, our character set-up changes. Now we meet Neo as a game developer and Trinity as a married mother, both essentially strangers to each other.

Matrix Resurrections cast: Gwyn de Vere

Although Thomas Anderson has created an award-winning “Matrix” video game trilogy, he is not his own boss. In fact, he still has to answer to Warner Bros. executives, as the company owns Deus Machina.

One such leader is Gwyn de Vere, a ruthless executive determined to bring back the “Matrix” game franchise after 20 years. The pressure is on for Anderson, even though de Vere appears in only one scene and has a few lines of dialogue.

At the end of the film, we discover that Anderson’s co-workers Jude and Smith are actually programs but de Vere remains a mystery. Is she human or machine?

The name, of course, is a pun on Guinevere which in Welsh translates to “White Enchantress” or “White Spirit/Spectre/Supernatural being”. Clearly, she’s more than an ambitious businesswoman and might even turn into a villain if Resurrections gets a sequel.

After all, Christina Ricci is the one playing Gwyn de Vere and her acting chops obviously could be used more.

However, she’s not the only character worthy of building theories. Other supporting characters we’ve met before or just introduced might play a bigger role than we think.

To take Insects, for example. She is Neo and Trinity’s biggest fan and supports the duo throughout the film, having essentially saved Neo from a fake existence. Bugs is the one who opens her eyes and helps her break the vicious “Matrix” cycle.

Then you have satisfied. A computer program we briefly encountered in the previous Matrix, she returns disguised as Anderson’s colleague. She is adamantly against the machines, after the analyst kills her parents, and lays out the plan to save Trinity.

Finally, there is the Merovingian. We honestly thought we had seen the last of him but no, the guy is back. Granted, this time he’s almost unrecognizable as he’s out of his comfort zone and in ghastly rags, as he leads a group of exiles.

Once again, the film alludes to the power of Merovingian, which supersedes what we had thought of him before.

Matrix streaming: where can I watch?

If this is all new to you, or you’re familiar with the plot but didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters when it was released, now you have another opportunity.

You can stream The Matrix Resurrections on HBO Max either through the web browser or through the app.

Even better, you can revisit older movies as The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, and The Animatrix are all available on the streaming platform.

The Animatrix is ​​a collection of nine animated shorts. The Wachowski sisters wrote four but were not involved in directing any of them.

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How To Watch The Matrix Movies In Order – Spoilers AHEAD!

After the release of the original film, all Matrix film titles began with the letter “R”. Thus, you may not be sure in which order to watch them to get a chronological order of events. Don’t worry – we’re here to land a helping hand.

1. The Matrix (1999) – it’s the first film in the series, the one where we meet Neo, Trinity and Morpheus for the first time. Thomas Anderson is an average programmer by day and a hacker by night.

Although he had always sensed that something was wrong with the world he found himself in, he didn’t realize it until Morpheus contacted him and gave him the famous choice “blue pill/blue pill red”. Neo risks everything in the search for the truth and discovers that humanity is trapped in a simulated reality called the matrix, ruled by machines that use humans as power sources.

2. The Matrix Reloaded (2003) – the sequel begins with an impending attack on Zion that our heroes must avert. Neo goes on his own mission to find the Keymaker and reach the Source. Eventually he does and is once again faced with a choice. His love for Trinity saves his life but leaves him in a coma while the attack kills many except one.

3. The Matrix Revolutions (2003) – launched shortly after The Matrix Reloaded, as the team shot the films back to back. The story picks up where it left off, showing Neo and Bane unconscious. Eventually, Smith overtakes Bane and blinds Neo, but cannot incapacitate him.

He is therefore free to meet the leader of the machines, Deus Ex Machina and to propose a truce: peace on Zion in exchange for Smith, who is determined to conquer the world of machines and simulated reality. As the attack on Zion stops, Neo dies and the Matrix is ​​restarted.

4. The Matrix Resurrections (2021) – when no one expected it anymore, the Matrix has been resurrected with Neo as the game developer now. He is portrayed as an award-winning game creator who used his faint memories of Neo to create “The Matrix”. Meanwhile, Trinity is a married mother with no memory of the past whom Anderson encounters again and again in a coffee shop and models her Trinity game character after.

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Matrix 5: Release date and other rumors

Where are we now? East Resurrections the end of the Matrix story?

Most likely. Keanu Reeves said director Lana Wachowski “won’t do another Matrix.” However, if she were to change her mind, he would be willing to reprise his role.

It’s encouraging news though Wachowski explained that she made the 2021 film for personal reasons, related to the death of her parents. Something drastic would have to happen for the live to revisit the series. If that happened, we’d probably have tickets for that in 2024, at the earliest.

The Matrix: Resurrections leaves room for a sequel. Good triumphs, and we see Neo and Trinity defeat the Analyst – the program responsible for restarting the war – so we can say that we had our happy ending.

Since the duo is determined to make The Matrix a healthier place, we can see it sparking new ideas for the writers. Also, we know that even the analyst has a boss, “Suits”, so facing them could happen.

If the main cast returns for Matrix 5, we should also see Bugs and Sati appear. And even if it doesn’t happen in movie format, we could experience the future of our heroes in video game form.

Given the premise of the 2021 movie and Epic Games’ The matrix awakensa Matrix story that you could actively participate in would not be out of the question.

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Gwyn de Vere in Matrix 4: Can the new cast of Matrix Resurrections become so iconic?

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