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Which end table is the best?

Often considered home essentials, end tables are placed next to various types of furniture, but most often next to sofas, chairs, and beds. They are the perfect blend of fashion and function as they can provide connective tissue for your decor and give you a place to keep your phone, book, remote, and drink.

If you are looking for a versatile option, the best is the Rolanstar Narrow End Table. It’s packed with storage options and even has outlets for charging your devices.

What to know before buying a coffee table


End tables usually fall within rough ranges when it comes to their height, width, and depth.

  • Height: End tables are typically between 18 and 26 inches tall. Your side table should be no more than 2 inches lower or higher than the furniture that comes with it.
  • Lenght: End tables are usually between 16 and 26 inches wide. Choose something large enough to hold everything you plan to put on it without making the table look submerged.
  • Depth: End tables have varying depths depending on their shape. The general rule is not to use a side table deeper than the piece of furniture that accompanies it.


End tables can take any shape imaginable, although the most common are squares, rectangles, circles, and ovals. If you want something a little more unusual, go for a star shape. If you want something more modern or post-modern, triangles are good choices.

What to Look for in a Quality Coffee Table


End tables can be made of almost anything, but the most common materials are wood, metal, glass, and stone.

  • Wood is the most popular material, but also the material with the widest range of quality. For example, one table may be made of inexpensive particleboard while another may be hand-carved from a single block.
  • Metal, when used, it is generally used everywhere except the top, which is usually glass or stone instead. It’s more modern than most materials.
  • Glass all-glass nightstands are among the most expensive and finest options. However, there are few more modern or impressive end tables.
  • Rock is in a similar position to glass in that all-stone tables are expensive, so most “stone” tables are simply topped with stone.


End tables can have several possible storage options in addition to the tabletop. Many have lower shelves to hold baskets of items or to place something decorative. Some end tables have drawers or cabinets; these are especially good to keep by your bedside as they can hold things like chargers, sleep masks, or books without cluttering up your space.

Electrical outlets

Over time, it seems we collect more and more devices that need to be plugged in or charged at all times. Modern end tables understand this and may include multiple ports such as standard outlets or USBs of various types. All you need is to plug them in themselves.

How much you can expect to spend on a coffee table

Tables made from low-quality materials typically cost between $10 and $50, with better materials driving costs up to $200. The best materials can cost up to $500; add a designer label, and they can exceed $1,000.

End Table FAQ

Are the side and end tables the same?

A. Technically they are different, although over time the terms have become increasingly interchangeable. End tables are usually small and are meant to sit at the ends of other furniture. They are usually used to keep a drink or your phone close. Side tables are usually on the long side and are placed against walls, especially near entrances. They are usually used to hold decorations.

Do all my end tables have to be the same?

A. No way. Using a collection of different end tables is a common way to shake up the aesthetic of a room. That said, it’s a good idea for your assortment of end tables to have some sort of unifying theme. They could all be the same color, for example, or have the same shape.

What is the best coffee table to buy?

Upper end table

Rolanstar End Table

What do you want to know: This table contains all kinds of functionality.

What you will love: It offers multiple storage options with a spacious pull-out drawer and a lower shelf that can be left open or used to store an included basket. It has a 6.5 foot cord to power two standard outlets and two USB ports.

What you should consider: A few consumers have had issues with the drawer getting stuck and hard to unstick. Power outlets can also be slow to charge devices.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

high end table for money

Best Furinno Simplistic Set of Two End Tables

Set of two Furinno Simplistic End Tables

What do you want to know: They are perfect if you need inexpensive extra tables.

What you will love: Most customers have found them easy to assemble and require no tools. The corners are rounded to reduce the risk of injury. They can be stacked or used separately, and they’re lightweight, making them easy to rearrange.

What you should consider: Their light weight makes them poor choices for holding heavy items. A few people have received chipped, scratched or otherwise damaged tables.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon, Home Depot and Kohl’s

Worth checking out

Best Roundhill Furniture Rene Round Wooden Side Table with Pedestal

Roundhill Furniture Rene Round Wooden Side Table with Pedestal

What do you want to know: It’s a good choice if you want something a little more elegant.

What you will love: It’s made from real wood and most found it quick and easy to put together. Tripod-style scrolled lower legs gracefully complement the rounded top. The top measures 26 inches wide, leaving plenty of room for multiple items. It also comes in six colors.

What you should consider: Some parts arrived with chips, scratches or dents. A few buyers reported that the colors did not exactly match the listed image.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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